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zaterdag 30 januari 2010

I love those cupcakes

Yesterday I finished the cupcakes after making the last stitches and the french knots

Stitch on 28 ct. jobelan with DMC
Pattern to be find in the cross stitch gold number 63
On 8 cupcakes there where french knots and I love how it looks

I found a beautifull pink fabric for making this cushion

When I was looking for the pink fabric I saw in the same webshop this beautiful quiltkit and after the good news I got from my doctor (everything is okay and I can start with doing the things I did before the surgery, over 1 year I must be back for a checkup) last wednesday I orderd it.
The fabric is from Moda, called Rouenneries.

Suzanne had a beautifull give away

4 opmerkingen:

bianca zei

Very beautiful cupcakes. Have a nice day.

Simmy zei

The cupcakes seem real!!!
Really beautiful!!!

Debra zei

Very nice and the material will look great with your stitching.

Meadows08 zei

Your cupcakes turned out great! Those french out great! Like sprinkles on the icing.