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zaterdag 17 juli 2010

SBS fabric and a pinkeep

Yesterday we went to Jacqueline of  The Log Cabin to get my fabric for the SBS (Sylvia Bridal Sampler). She had orderd it for me. She had a roll of 10 meter for me and from another roll I bought another meter, so now I have a total of 11 meter (12 yard)

Its a white on white fabric with tiny twigs and leaves

I bought some other stuff too I needed, such as blue quilting thread and I bought some hexagons to make some pretty flowers. Never done that before.

I also bought some red/brown fabric for my potpourri quilt. This is for the binding. I'm almost done with the quilting, just some stitches in the border and then I can sew the binding.

Last week I stitched something for Jacqueline of The Log Cabin and made it into a pinkeep. I gave it to her yesterday when we where at her quiltshop.

I stitched all kind of quiltblocks and in the middle I stitched her logo with the name of her quiltshop.
Did you know she also has a weblog and shows new items at her shop and she writes about the rebuilding of her new quiltshop.

vrijdag 16 juli 2010

Hot summer days and a basket

We have had some realy bad weather overhere and there is alot of damage in the Netherlands. It looks that we had a little tornado over the land. The only good thing about is that the temperature is lower, because it was to hot the last 3 weeks. But I have hear that the temperature is rising again over the weekend.

Even Bowy doesn't like the warm days. He constantly sleeps ...

and sleeps ...

and when he wants to cool down he goes into the .............. swimmingpool

He was with my husband visiting friends of us and they have a large swimmingpool in there backyard. Bowy liked that very much :-)


On tuesday (july 20) my husband must go to hospital for a arthroscopie, this time on his left knee. In 2007 he had one on his right knee. He has osteoarthritis in his knees. So he will be home for a couple of weeks after the surgery. I don't want him to get bored in this time so I bought him the Nintendo DSi XL
I'm still busy with quilting the potpourri quilt, but in between I made one little basket block. I have now a total of 4.

vrijdag 9 juli 2010


I'm busy with quilting on my potpourri

It's very hot here in the Netherlands and I stay all the time inside the house.Outside it is just to warm, so I have alot of time to quilt the potpourri

Last night I made a photo of the papaver in the garden, thats why the background is black

Yesterday the postman brought EQ7 which I had orderd in may. It is just been released and I love that program. You can easely design your own quilts. I had EQ5 but now I wanted the newest version

woensdag 7 juli 2010

Potpourri quilt top

Finaly my shoulders are alot better so I could iron the quilt top and make the photo.
And now I can sandwich the quilt and start quilting !!!

My next large project will be the SBS (short for the Sylvia bridal Sampler). I'm going to make this with a white background fabric (which I have orderd and will arrive soon) and combine it will all sort of blue fabrics.
But I still have to wait for the white fabric to arrive, so till that time I have began te make some little basket blocks. 
This is for a little wall quilt with a total of 12 blocks. The blocks are only  4 inch.

And YES .... The Netherlands won last night and there are going to play in the final of the FIFA world cup in South Africa on sunday !

donderdag 1 juli 2010

New books arrived

I haven't been posting much because of the weather here.
It is so hot and the sun burns when you are outside.

My potpourri quilt top is finsihed. I have sew the border around so I can sandwich the quilt, but before I do that I want to make a photo of the top. The problem is that I can't iron the top right now because my shoulders are giving me problems because of the fibromyalgia.
So I hope to take a picture of it next week and can show you how lovely the quilttop is.

Last week I orderd the latest two books of Kathleen Tracy:
Prairie children and their quilts
Remembering Adelia

Her first book: American doll quilts, that I also wanted was out of print but then I read a message from her and she was saying that her publisher still have the book as a digital version (PDF). So I bought that one and printed it out myself (total of 82 pages)

So now I have her 3 books and can make some little quilts with a "antique" look

The fuchsia on the table in the garden is blooming so beautiful

I love that color and the shape of the fuchsia

I hope you enjoy the summer !