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zondag 24 januari 2010

Quilting updates

This week I didn't do much cross stitching but I made some quiltblocks of the quiltclub quilt.
Last week I made the 3th block and its called bearpaw
This is the favorite block of Chrissie and she chose this one because of her love for bears.

Yesterday we got the pattern of the favorite block of Karin.
She chose for the twisted logcabin and her story of why this is her favorite block:
She find this a dynamic block with so much movement in it and because the logcabin is one of the oldest quiltpatterns.

Last week I also got my order from a Dutch quiltshop.
I saw in her webshop that she had 3 Moda bakeshop boxes with 2.5 " squares and I bought them because I have a quiltpattern in my head I want to make and I need alot of small squares for it.

I also orderd some creme background fabric (6.5 yard) and a medium green fabric (2 yard) for this quilt. I don't know when I will be working on this one, but when I do I will make some progress pictures.

Here you see the creme background fabric and on the left the green fabric. On the creme background fabric you see the little squares I'm going to use (this is from 1 box only but I'm going to use all 3 boxes). The serie is called Vine Creek.

The little time I spend on cross stitching I was working on this one.
Its Pear tree from LHN and I hope to finish it today :)

5 opmerkingen:

Tineke...... zei

Prachtig Carin je blokken van de QCQ ....,)
leuk he al die kleine lapjes...ik heb die doos van Moda via Magaleentje ,moet alleen bedenken wat er mee te gaan doen..:) zal wel goed komen :)

Cath Ü zei

I like the blocks you have made.. and those small charm squares are lovely too... Cross-stitch looks good...what will you put it on..??
Cath Ü

Mylene zei

Great progress on the blocks and very good start on the LHN piece too.

Carin zei

Cath I will be making a pinkeep when the cross stitch is completed.

Debra zei

the quilt is going to be beautiful. Did you finish your stitching?