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zondag 31 oktober 2010

28. Brumelda's birthday ...

Happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday dear Brumelda
happy birthday to you !
Hip hip ... HOORAY !

"Happy birthday Brumelda, I see you have put on your party hat".

"Yes of course, not everyone has their birthday on halloween".

"Because it is your birthday you may choose the fabric we can use for the SBS block".

"I may choose the fabric ... oh boy ... I love halloweenfabrics, so ....".

Oops I forgot that part. Can't believe I let choose her the next fabric.

"Let me see ... I love this fabric, but that one too. Or will I pick that one with the spiderweb on it? Oh wait ... I see a beautiful one ....".

"Carin look ... how about this one? I realy love this one with those little bats".

"Its a beautiful fabric Brumelda. Come give it to me and I will cut the pieces I need for the block. But its your birthday and on a birthday you recieve presents, so here is one for you Brumelda".

"Ohhh a present for me? What is it? Let me think .. is it a new magicwand? Or maybe candy corn? No I think it is *autumnpotpourri".
(* mixture of lizardlegs, toad eyes, fairydust, batwings, dry worms etc.)

"Just open your present and you will see what it is".

Brumelda rips of the paper and when she sees what in it she is a moment quiet.

"What is it Brumelda, don't you like it?".

"Don't like it? I LOVE it !! Ohhh ... now nobody can't forget my last name Silvermoon. I can't believe you bought me such a beautiful present. Thank you so much".

 "When I saw that necklage with the silveren moon I thought you would like that. And your name is Smiling Brumelda Silvermoon so thats why I bought you this".

"I never had such a wonderful birthday Carin, so thank you very much. Are we going to bake some cake today?".
"Of course Brumelda".


I too had some birthdaypresents in the mail yesterday.

From Saskia I got some wonderful halloween fabric from the serie Boo Bears!
From Elza I got a lovely stitcherie pattern wih button for a needlecase

And from Chantal I got a beautiful charmpack with christmas fabric. I love those colors !!

Ladies thank you so much for these unexpected gifts !

donderdag 28 oktober 2010

LHN ornaments ...

The postman brought me some nice post ...

First he brought the Stacy Nash patterns and the Steweb scissor I orderd for my upcoming birthday

and he also brought me the stash I orderd by Nina; 3 of her newest colors threads (I think I have now almost all of her colors). Her newest colors where: Jingle Bells,Hackberry and Cherry Coffee ... I just love the names she gives her threads ! She also had dyed some lace and ric rac and I order some of those as well.

And then I got a little surprise in the mail from a friend, she made me a little halloween needlecase

and inside she put some stitchingneedles

My husband Michiel helps me with stitching the LHN ornaments, I was behind with these and still had to stitch some of them. The last few days he stitched two of them and I have made them into ornaments ...

LHN - Under the tree

and LHN - All is calm

Today he finished LHN - peppermint twist so I can make a ornament of it and now he's working on The merry skater, then only 2 to go and we have made them all before the last (12th) ornament arrives.

dinsdag 26 oktober 2010

Pincushion and very nice present ...

A few weeks back I got from a friend some quiltmania's, I love those quiltmagazines. As a thank you present I was going to make a pincushion, but my husband Michiel said: "Is it alright if I going to stitch it? Then you can go on with the things you are making". Yes ladies ... my husband can do embroidery and he can quilt :-) And I'm very happy with him.
So when I found the pattern for the pincushion, some stitching fabric and the colors he began and after two days he had stitched the design. He even made the letter S, the letter from my friend Sylvia.
I found some lovely quiltfabric for the back and made it into a pincushion, so we both have working on it.

The fabric in the back I have use as the backside of the pincushion. The pattern is from Tralala and its called: Boite a boutons.

And today came a very nice present from the USA. Thearica send this after she had picked my name as a winner of her Fall-into-Fall give away. And look at what she send me ... she spoiled me

2 big knitting balls bouclé (this will be become a beautiful sharf)
2x yard of batik (love those colors)
spool of thread
and then 2 shelf sitters.
Do you see those shelf sitters, sitting on the knitting yarn,  I never seen those overhere and I love them !!

Those are so funny !!!
My birthday is next week but when I got this package today I did think that today was the big day LOL
Thearica thank you again !!!

vrijdag 22 oktober 2010

Early birthday present ...

okay, okay ... I had orderd the patterns from Stacy Nash (in my previous post) as a early birthday present BUT ...... I also had orderd a beautiful quilt kit as a early birthday present. How many excuses need someone LOL

Today came the quiltkit and I realy love this one. The name of the quiltkit  is Clarissa, but I gave it a diffirent name: Roses from the past !

I love the colors of the fabric, such nice "old" colors

In the middle on the roses there is going to be some embroidery. Can't wait to start this .... or must I wait till november 2th when my birthday is ???? I don't think so LOL

donderdag 21 oktober 2010

Stacy Nash Primitives - Monogrammed Pinkeep

Sometime ago I joined the pincushion swap by Quilting Jeannet. The pincushion that I made has arrived safely by someone and I can show a picture on nov.6th when everybody else show their recieved pincushion. I haven't recieved a pincushion back but hopefully its before nov. 6th.

Because organizing a swap is alot of work I have made a pincushion for Jeannet as well, as a thank you gift. She recieved it yesterday and she found it very pretty. She likes things that looks old, so I made one using a pattern from Stacy Nash Primitives called Monogrammed Pinkeep. The fabric I used is 28 ct jobelan, stained with coffee and baked dry in the oven so it has a antique look. 
Stitched 1 over 2 with DMC 611 and 926 and the flower fabric that you see I used for the back of the pincushion.

I'm a great fan of Stacy Nash Patterns and today I orderd 2 patterns from her, as a (early) birthday gift for myself. Do I need a better excuus LOL
The first pattern I orderd is her newest one: Hallowe'en Jack Sewing Roll Pattern and I also orderd the scissor you see on the picture (steweb scissor). I realy like that one !!

The second pattern is a patternbook called:
Merry Hallowe'en Pattern Book. Inside there are 4 lovely pincushion patterns. I hope the patterns and scissor will arrive soon !

woensdag 20 oktober 2010

Give away winner !!!

Okay its time to announce the winner of the give away. Brumelda is going to help me.

"Carin are we going to use our special jar for all the names?".

"Yes Brumelda, I have written all the names on paper and I have put them in the jar. Give them a good shake".

This said Brumelda starts as if her life depend on it

"Everything okay Brumelda? If your done, you can take 1 paper from the jar".

"Only one? But you have 5 charts. Then I must take 5 names".

"No Brumelda, all 5 charts are going to one winner".

"Okay, okay, I will pick only ONE paper ... ".

"You did a great job and can we see who the winner is please?"

"Well ..... the winner is ......

"Yes? Who is it?".

" Are you in a hurry Carin? I just wanted to build some tension, but the winner is .........................
Wendy from Why Knot

Wendy congratulations on winning the halloween charts. I'm going to send you an email to let you know you won !!

I want to thank all of you who have entered my give away. It was fun to read all the comments and find alot of new blogs to read. I didn't visited all the blogs yet because I'm currently busy with taking care of my husband but I will not forget you and will come soon to your blogs.

dinsdag 19 oktober 2010

27. Nurse Brumelda

My husband is doing fine after his knee urgery. he can't do much except walk slowly on two crutches. So I'm doing all the other things around the house and don't have many time to stitch or quilt.
I did make my SBS BOW block but Brumelda didn't help me with it because so was busy reading stories to Michiel.

"You don't mind that I don't help you Carin?".

"No Brumelda, I'm glad you are reading stories to Michiel because I know he likes that. But when I have finish my block I will call you so you can sit by it".

"Okay thats fine, you know I love to help you".

This time its block  on K-3 Churn Dash and its a very easy block.

"Brumelda can you come, I have finish my block".

"Carin you know I love to help so may I give Michiel tonight his thrombosis syringe?".

"I don't think Michiel finds that a good idea Brumelda, but when I do it you may watch".
EDIT: Last week I won a give away from Lisa and I won two beautiful charts. Can't wait to stitch these !!!

zondag 10 oktober 2010

Elm Creek pin / operation Michiel

 Last september my name was picked of all the names who has entered the SBS BOW. On friday the post brought me the beautiful Elm Creek pin and Brumelda wanted to show it to you all.

We (Brumelda and I) love this pin very much


Last friday was the operation of Michiel. At 10.25 the doctor called me from the hospital to say that the operation went very well. I Was going to visit him friday evening and Brumelda wanted to come with me to see if Michiel was okay.

On saterday Michiel could leave the hospital already after the fysiotherapist had seen he could walk on crutches. Monday we must come back for making photo's and october 20th he must come back for a checkup with his doctor. Tomorrow also the fysiotherapist will come to our house to put together a therapy program for him. He will come 3 times a week at home.


Between taking care of Michiel and other things I started to knit a shawl for the winter

The shawl is very soft

donderdag 7 oktober 2010

26. Autumn leaves ...

"Which blok are we going to make Carin?"

 "This is block J-4 Autumn Leaf, a good block for this time of the year".

"Yes that is correct but what I don't understand is why you didn't take a fabric with leaves on".

"Well Brumelda, that is because I don't have any fabric with leaves on and beside that ... I like this fabric and I think it looks nice in this block. And I have all the blue fabrics reserved for the other blocks".

"But... a fabric with leaves was so much pretty for this block Carin".

"Wel that can be but drop it Brumelda, I'm going to take this one".

"Boy oh boy ... I don't say anything more. I'm going to help Michiel in the garden with the leaves. He has made me a rake so I could help him. Bye".

 Brumelda is going outside and I begin with the block. I like this fabric very much and if you look closely, you can see there are tiny leaves on it. By the way ... who is making these blocks. She or me? I look outside and see she is busy with the rake taking care of the autumn leaves.

While she is busy I hear her singing. She is doing a great job for Michiel and that he can need because his knee surgery (I wrote about it HERE at the end of the message) is sooner as we thought. The hospital called yesterday and his surgery will be friday (october 8). So we have been busy with taking care of everything in the house, because after the big surgery he can't do nothing for many weeks.

When I look outside I see Brumelda lying in the leaves.

"Brumelda you worked very hard".

"Yes that was alot of work, there where so many leaves lying around and now I was lying on the leaves for a little rest".

"So you don't have time to come and sit by my block, because I have finished it".

"Sure I can Carin and I will bring you some leaves. They will fit perfectly with your blue leaves. Oops ... I forgot, you don't have used a fabric with blue leaves hihihi".


maandag 4 oktober 2010

Give away ... CLOSED

It is almost Halloween, my favorite time of the year so I'm going to have a "Giveaway"
The rules are very simple:

1. Become a follower and say you did in a comment. If you already are a follower, just say it in a comment. This will count for 1 entry.

2. If you write on your blog about this give away, leave a second comment to say so. This will also count for 1 entry.

If you do 1 and 2 then you have 2 entry's. 
Please include a name and email address in your comment or make sure I can be in touch with you.

I will announce a winner on october 20. 
The winner has 1 week to reply. If after a week I didn't hear anything I will draw a new winner.

The price: 5 charts with a haloween theme

Witchie IV - Bobbie G. Designs
Cat - Sisters and best friend (with buttons)
Hazel's Tea Room - Always time to stitch
Vlad's Vash Day - Raise the Roof
Spooky - San Man Originals

Good luck everyone and thank you so much for visiting my blog !!

vrijdag 1 oktober 2010

24 and 25. Brumelda between the pumpkins ...

"Brumelda are you coming to help me with the next block. This one has a realy beautiful name: H-6 Lancaster Rose".

"No I can't because I'm helping Michiel in the garden. We are harvesting the pumpkins".

"Okay then I will make this block alone. You keep your eye on Michiel that he harvest all the pumpkins".

"Michieeeeel .... look at this one, this pumpkin is hidden in the hedge".

"And this one is a very big pumpkin. That will be alot of pumpkinsoup !".

While I'm busy with the applique I hear Brumelda saying ...

"Carin look at this flower, it is not a rose but a beautiful pumpkinflower. I do love that color".

"That is indeed a beautiful flower Brumelda. But can you come in for a moment because I have finished my block and I want to take a picture of it".

"Okay Carin, just wait a second so I can clean my shoes".

And there she is with cleaned shoes ...

"I brought you a little pumpkinflower Carin, because it is removed from the garden. Its to cold now and they won't grow anymore. Do you see the little bump at the end of the flower? That was going to be a pumpkin".

"If you don't mind Brumelda, I'm going to work on the next block, because that is an easy one. Its called A-2 Shoo-Fly".

"I don't see any flies Carin but I can show you the pumpkins we have harvest".

"Wow Brumelda, there are so many".

"Some of them have to ripe so they get the orange color too. And I have count them, we have now 29 pumpkins, so we can eat alot of pumpkinsoup".

"I don't think that won't be a problem because we all like pumpkinsoup very much. If you take a few pumpkins inside I can make a photo of my block Brumelda".

Brumelda begins to take a few pumpkins inside the house ...

"Oh my .. they are so heavy".

"Why did you take the big ones Brumelda, there are also many little ones".

"I know Carin but I thought when I take a big one, we have alot of pumpkinsoup tonight hihihi ...".