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zaterdag 28 augustus 2010

11. Brumelda on the edge ...

"Oh yes another block to be made Carin. Does this one also have a pretty name?

 Yes brumelda, this block is named: Tumbling Blocks".

"Tumbling blocks ...hmmm ... did you know I can make a somersault".

"You better watch out whit that, making somerfaults near the edge of the table". 

Brumelda is busy making somerfaults and I stitch all the pieces together.

BOOM  sounds it suddenly and I look up.What was that?
"Au, au ... my head, ... au ... my arm ..".

Oh my ... this is not happening. But yes ... Brumelda is lying down on the floor. Even Bowy is coming to take a look, because he is worried.

"Oh Brumelda, I told you so not to make somerfaults so near by the edge of the table". 

My husband is taking care of Brumelda while I finish the block.

"Are you okay Brumelda?".

"Yes Carin, I will be fine. Michiel has taking good care of me".

All the SBS blocks can be found --> HERE <--

donderdag 26 augustus 2010

10. Broken Dishes

"Gosh Carin, another block with so much little triangels".

"What is the name of this block?".

"This block has the name: Broken Dishes Brumelda".

"But they are triangels and not round. I think the lady who made this block couldn't applique circles and instead she made triangels. But when I think of dishes I must think of those people who work in the circus and have large sticks with dishes on it. Can I try that Carin?".

"You may Brumelda, but first try it with plastic cups, so not all the dishes get broken".

I go further with my block and Brumelda is practicing with her sticks and cups. Once in awhile i hear the cups falling but suddenly I hear "Look Carin, its works !".

"Oh great, now you can work in the circus Brumelda".

"No I don't think so, I must help you with this quilt".

My block is ready and Brumelda is going to sit by the block with her sticks and cups.

Strange that those cups are so attached to the sticks.

"Ohh Brumelda you cheat, those cups are sticked with foamtape".

Well yes, because they did fall everytime and now they don't".

dinsdag 24 augustus 2010

Potpourri quilt is finished !!

Finally I finished my Potpourri quilt. Total time I worked on this quilt is 11 weeks. All handpieced and handquilted. The size is 50" x 58" 
(Click the photo to see it larger)

In the block with the cross stitch border I sewed 5 old buttons

On each corner I quilted a heart

The last thing to do was making the label for the back of the quilt

I'm very happy with this quilt and it is hanging above the sofa, so when I sit there I can look up and see it ....

maandag 23 augustus 2010

9. Brumelda is back ...

Yesterday Brumelda came home and she had a wonderful vacation. She even took some photo's.

She had visit a "hunnebed" (like a stone grave tombe)

And she like fishing....

And when the sun was shining she lay down with a good book ...

"I'm glad you are back Brumelda because now we can make the BOW block of this week".

While Brumelda is telling me about her vacation I work on the block and before we now the block is finished. Brumelda wants to keep her sunglasses on when I take the picture of our 9th block of the SBS quilt.

zaterdag 21 augustus 2010

Lavender and a gift

Boy oh boy, I was so busy this week that I totaly forgot to post here.

Stil working on the Potpourri quilt, the binding is almost finished. In between I have made some cross stitches so my wrist could rest a bit from the quilting. 
I started a new pattern called Lavender garden Sampler and its from Fleur de Lis. This one is going to hang on our toilet that will be renovated soon and I'm going to give it a lavender theme.

The fabric I used is a lila linnen 32 counts, I hope you can see it on the picture. I bought this fabric last year in a craftshop when we visit that town.

Last week I got a beautiful gift from my dear friend Nina. I had send her some hearts I collected when we are visiting fairs etc. and every time I saw a heart I was thinking of Nina because I know that she loves heart (who isn't) and I just had to buy them for her.
But now she had something in return. So doesn't had to do that but she did anyway and I just LOVE it what she had sent.

A beautiful heart with in the middle lavender. I just love it, ... how did she now that I love lavender (and its color purple) so much? Don't know if I once told her that, but I do. I just love that color and the smell of lavender. She also included a beautiful scissor with a purple handle and I already are using it and it works very well. Then she included a beautiful color from her own dyed thread called Valentine. Don't you love that color?
Nina thank you SO MUCH for these beautiful gifts, I love them al !!

Look at the lavender in the middle, so tiny, so pretty, so ....

yes ... so may french knots. I just love it !!


donderdag 12 augustus 2010

Message from Brumelda ...

If you read this, I'm already flying on my broom. Of to ... ? I don't know but you hear that when I get back.

I'm gone for a few days because since yesterday Carin is busy with her ....

correct ... the border of her potpourri quilt. 

Suddenly you hear that you have a few days vacation, vacation planned and that will not succeed also on such a sort notice. Where the flight will fly to… pffff…. no idea, most of my witch friends are all on holiday, because they knew,  some time in avance that they got holiday and could therefore plan a nice vacation. But not me… no ... an hour in avance you hear you get a vacation for a couple of days.

 Ohh wel ... I hope to see you in a couple of days when Carin has finish her potpourri quilt and we can go on with the SBS blocks.

woensdag 11 augustus 2010

7 and 8. The choice ...

"Oh my, this block has so many small pieces".

"I know Brumelda, there are 65 pieces and some of them are very small".

"It looks like a block from the Nearly Insane quilt. That one you didn't make isn't? Well ... its your own choice to make this block and if you can make it, then you can always make the Nearly Insane quilt".

"Just let me first finish this quilt and then we will see", I say and I continue on the block. Its not as difficult as it seems with those little pieces.

"Do you know that it looks like a pond with fish in it. Whats the name of this block Carin? Something with fish?".

"No Brumelda, its block B-8 Mrs. Cleveland's Choice".

Brumelda is thinking while I stitched and then she said: "I think Mrs. Cleveland had a large pond with all kind of fish in it and thats why she made this block".

"Maybe you are right and I think Mrs. Cleveland made a very good choice because its a beautiful block".

Brumelda sees that the block is finished, "Yes I find this block also beautiful and now you can see that it is a pond with fishes, they are swimming from every corner to the middle".

"I think you are so right Brumelda, your a very smart girl ...uhhh .... little witch".

Its still early when I take my next block. I want to make the next block of the BOW from the SBS forum.

"Ohhh yes... today we are going to make 2 blocks. Hooray !!", said Brumelda, "which one is it ..., which one?".

"Its block K-7 Sickle and its a very easy block, so I think we will finish it also today".

"Boy oh boy, you have speedy needles Carin, you are going so fast".

"Thats because this is a very easy block Brumelda and I like the fabrics I used, don't you?".

"Yes", Brumelda said when I have finish the block, "I like them too and this block was a piece of cake for you". 

zondag 8 augustus 2010

6. Stars ...

"Carin, I thought you didn't like sparkles?".

"Thats correct Brumelda, I don't like them. Why?".

"Because I see a fabric with sprankles. Are you going to use that?".

"Yes this  fabric I'm going to use in this next block, because I think it will look very pretty. It's block H-5 Sylvia's Shooting Star and this fabric with those little stars and sprankles will be perfect for the background".

"I think you are right Carin, it will be look very nice. How many stars are going to be in this block?".

"There is going to be only one star in this block, and it already looks beautiful with this sprankling fabric. But while we were talking I have finished the block, so come and sit for the photo".

It looks she's not hearing me and she mumbles:
"stars, sprankles, where did I see them".

    Suddenly she jumps up, runs to my bead storagebox and dives head first, in to it ...

"Brumelda are you coming? What are you doing?".

"Well, I just remembered where I had seen the sprankling stars, here they are ....

"Ohh Brumelda, I can't stitch those little stars on the quilt. I think the block looks very nice, even without those little stars".

zaterdag 7 augustus 2010

5. Magic wand ...

Its time for the 5th block of the SBS. This time I used a blue and a beige fabric. On the beige fabric there are lovely blue flowers and Brumelda finds this a beautiful fabric.

"Ohh I love this fabric, can you make me a skirt of this fabric? Look how pretty it would be".

"I think I'm going to wait  with that Brumelda because there are more beautiful fabrics coming in the other blocks. If I must make you a skirt of all the fabric you find beautiful, your wardrobe couldn't be close anymore".

"Carin what is the name of this block you are making?".

"This is block D-5 and its called Square and Star".

"Oh great ... a star. Do you know I have a star on my magic wand? My teacher at the witchesschool says I can use it very good after my 5 lessons. I can make things complete now. Just let me show you ...".

And before I can say no, Brumelda is swinging her magic wand in the air and says:
"Hocus Pocus Simsalabelly and your block shall be ready".

I see some stars flying around and then I see the block. It is changed into ......

"Ohhh Brumelda, I don't think the block is looking very well. I think you need a few lessons more in magic spells and alott of practise, but not on my blocks please. I shall put the block together as it should be".

Brumelda waits patiently with her magic wand in her hand till I'm finish with the block because she wants on the photo with her beautiful star.

vrijdag 6 augustus 2010

4. Fresh and fruity ...

Yesterday I made the SBS BOW block of this week: N-8 Double Nine Patch.

"That are so many little pieces", Brumelda said.
"Yes I know Brumelda, that little piece that is already made is only 2 x 2 inch and I must 4 more of these".

"You picked a nice fabric for it with all the fruit on it Carin, but by looking at it, I feel a bit hungry".

"Here is a bowl with watermelon parts. But don't eat them all because I want some too Brumelda".

I'm going to sew the pieces together but after awhile I hear something: "oh .. oh .. my belly".

"Ohh Brumelda, you didn't ?? You don't eat so much watermelon if you have such a little belly. Come here and lay down on my cuttingmat and I will give you a blanket. Try to get some sleep and when you are awake hopefully the pain is gone".

Later that night I have finished the block and Burmelda is still sleeping. So I'm going to wait with taking the picture of the block because I know how much so want to be on that photo with the block.

This morning when we where awake I ask if her belly is alright. "Yes, I'm glad my belly is okay now. Can we go on with the block ?"

"Brumelda I finished the block last night, but I have waited with taking a picture. So if you feel fresh and fruity you can sit with the block".

I lay down the block and Brumelda jumps on the cuttingmat.
"Say Carin, that block with all that fruit would be a perfect tablecloth for my kitchentable".

"I now Brumelda".
(I think I'm going to put this block in a locked case before she takes it).

woensdag 4 augustus 2010

3.The crown ...

Today I was going to make my 3th block of the SBS but I couldn't find my second fabric that I needed.

"Brumelda why are you not looking ? I must have it otherwise I can't start with the block" But Brumelda stayed on her place on the cuttingmat with a funny smile on her face.

"Say Brumelda, what's that behind your back ? Ohhh ... thats my second fabric I need. Why do you hide it ? ".

"Because it is a very naughty piece of fabric"
"A very naughty fabric ?".
"Yes because you said that there where going naughty fabirc in this quilt and you mean by naughty fabric ... a fabric that has besides blue also another color in it. This one have totaly NO blue in it, so its a VERY naughty fabric", isn't ?". 

"Ohh you sweet little witch, you did payed attention when I told you that. But just give it to me so I can start with my block. Here and there shall be a creme kind of fabric coming in the quilt, so the blue and white gets a bit of warmth instead of a cool look".
"Okay but if its not looking good when the quilt is done, then we cut that piece out hihihi. But what is the name of the block you are going to make ?".

"Its called E-9 Queen Charlotte's Crown and now I'm realy get started".

When I was half way down with the block I hear cutting from a scissor and I look up. "Brumelda what are you doing with the paper, scissor and glue ?'.
"Just wait a second, I'm almost done. You finish your block".

I pick up my needle and start sewing again.

"Okay Brumelda, I'm done.Do you want to sit by the new block on the photo?".
"Yes I will and how do you find MY crown? ".

"Thats a very beautiful crown you made Queen Brumelda".


dinsdag 3 augustus 2010

2. Tulips from Amsterdam

Yesterday it was time for the second SBS block. After washing and cutting the fabric I could begin.

"That looks like a beautiful flower", Brumelda said after seeing all the little pieces.
"Thats correct Brumelda because this is block G-9 and its called Modern Tulip".

Today I could begin with sewing the pieces together. Brumelda handed me the little pieces and I did hear how she was singing a Dutch song, called Tulips from Amsterdam. So she did remember the name of the block.

I was so busy with piecing the blocks that I didn't notice that she was gone.
"Brumelda where are you?"

"I'm here, just wait a second", sounded it from the garden, so I waited.  After awhile she came in and sat on my cuttingmat with a blue hydrangea in her arms.
"I couldn't find a blue tulip, but I did find this beautiful blue flower. Its a special gift for you Carin", she said.

"Well thank you Brumelda for that lovely flower and I have finished my block, so come on and sit beside it with the beautiful flower".


Last saterday a friend of mine had her birthday and I made her this patchwork cushion with a stitcherie

The stitcherie is a freebie from Homeberries