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maandag 11 januari 2010

Cupcakes and charity quiltblocks

Yesterday I have worked on the cupcakes and I have now 6 cupcakes completed, only 3 to go.

On a Dutch website of a quiltshop you could buy fabric for making a quiltblock.
They send you some fabric and you can make a quiltblock which you chose yourself.
After you finish it you send the quiltblock back to the shop and they are going to make charityquilts with these blocks. They money is for a Dutch charityfoundation, called KIKA, that does research for treatment with kids with cancer. The charity quilts are going to give to these kids with cancer.

I have bought this fabric and I have made this block from it

My husband Michiel, who also quilt, have also made a quiltblock for this charity foundation.

Thank you all for your comments !

9 opmerkingen:

Ricki zei

Your cakes are very sweet
And your quilts are wonderful

Nina zei

Those cakes are so yummi!
Wow, you can do quilting, I cannot so this is wonderful for me :) Great works!

Mylene zei

The cakes looks lovely and both quilt blocks finishes are beautiful!

Michelle zei

Oh my - those cupcakes are sooo cute! (They look good enough to eat!)

Good job on both quilt blocks.

Debra zei

Love the cupcakes!!! The quilt blocks are so pretty.

Tammy zei

You do the most perfect and lovely quiltblocks! And what a great cause that is. Your cupcakes are so fun and yummy! Gorgeous colors!

Karyn zei

amazing! Your cupcakes are gorgeous and make me hungry for sweets :) Your quilts are gorgeous. Fabulous job, Carin.

Cath Ü zei

Your Cross-stitching and patchwork are absolutely beautiful.... Your hubby's patchwork is very good too..
Cath Ü

arifelix zei

wow your cupcakes are fantastic!

Can u help me to find it?? Please... i'd like stitch them for my mum