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vrijdag 28 mei 2010

Almost weekend

I recieved a email form Photobucket:
Every free account with Photobucket is allotted 10 GB of monthly
bandwidth and our records show that you have less than 3 GB of
bandwidth left to your account.
I always upload my pictures there and this never happend before.
So when you can't see any pictures in the next few days, you know why.
It will last for a few days and then it will work again.
I'm very busy with my June ornament and hope to finished it this weekend.

Have a nice weekend !!!

dinsdag 25 mei 2010

Crows in the garden

The sun was shining and I had just make some close-up photo's of some plants I bought last week, when two beautiful young crows sat down by the pond.

I think they like the water from the pond :)

One by the water ...

One on top of the vase

This is one of the plants I bought

Look how beautiful this flower is

And another yellow plant I bought (I just love yellow flowers in the garden)

Many pistils inside the flower

The last couple of days we had visit from our daughter Lindy and her friend Jacco, so I haven't done any stitching or quilting. I just started today with the calender month June of LHN because its only one week before June begins.

zaterdag 22 mei 2010

Potpourri quilt row 2

Another 5 blocks are ready, this is the second row

On the left there's a heart

and on the right there are 3 thimble's

Close-up of the thimble's

I sew row 1 and row 2 together so it already begins to look as a quilt

The sun is shining and the blocks wanted some sunshine :)

Have a nice weekend !

donderdag 20 mei 2010

Shopping ...

Last tuesday we went to a city not far from us and there is a neeldleworkshop which has beautiful material. Lots of books/patterns/kits, all kind of threads, stitching fabric etc.

I didn't leave with empty hands :)

I saw a beautiful kit from DMC with blue and brown colors and I loved it, so I bought it, also a little kit from Lanarte with two penguins (my husband likes these animals very much).
Normaly I don't buy kits, only patterns but these two I realy liked.

They also have a silk thread from China called Moncai's silk and I didn't worked with that thread, so I bought two skiens and now I can try and see how this thread works.
I also bought some painted stitching fabric (35 count, color light lila), some ribbon (for another sampler I will be working on soon) and two scissors.
I love thoses scissors !!!

maandag 17 mei 2010

First row of the potpourri quilt

Do you remember the fabrics I showed you a few messages back?

Wel ... I started with this quilt.
The originel name of the Dutch pattern is "Celine" but I have changed it into "Potpourri" because its a mixture of fabric, stitching pieces and some lace and .... I found it a realy good name for this quilt.
The originel quilt was made with onlu red and white fabric but I have choose for a "antique" look.

Okay ... the first 5 blocks (of 30) are finished and sew together
(click on photo's to enlarge)

Here a close-up of the blocks on the left and in the  middle

And here the blocks on the right

Here you see the first of 10 stitching pieces that will go into the quilt; a small scissor
On the other block I sew a piece of lace

Today its also my husband Michiel birthday, so
HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweetheart !!

vrijdag 14 mei 2010

Village in a pillow

Today I made a pillow with the village sampler
I have chosen for a blue fabric

Yesterday I was at my local needlecraftshop and saw soem beautiful little scissors,
they where 4 inch long and have a flower print.
I bought the lila scissor

woensdag 12 mei 2010

Village sampler finished

Yesterday I stitched the final row (row 6) of the village sampler

I love the blue thread from Nina I used for the alphabet and numbers (blue mania)

So now its ready I can make it into a pillow

Le village d'Anne - Tournicoton
Stitched on 28 ct. light blue jobelan
with DMC and the alphabet/numbers with Nina threads (Blue Mania)

maandag 10 mei 2010

Village sampler row 5

Wel ... row 5 is ready !!

I love the clothes-line in the middle

Here is a picture of how it looks like with all 5 rows

I love the blue flower

zondag 9 mei 2010

Happy mothersday !

Instead of putting pictures of my children here, I'm going to show you pictures of Bowy.
I took them last sunday when we where going for a walk.
The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day

Enjoying the sun

Look at these pretty flowers (buttercup or crowfoot)

Then he went into the water to cool down

And he did a bit of swimming. He likes that.

Yes and then he is wet and that he doesn't like

My stitching is going slow these days because of the fibromyalgia. My left shoulder gives my troubles now so I can't stitch to much at the time. But row 5 is almost done of the villagesampler.

donderdag 6 mei 2010

Things ready for next project

No, no ... I don't start with the new project yet because I'm stil working on the village sampler and that one I want to finish first, but ... I lay all the things that I need for my new project together.
These are the things; beautiful fabric with a dark red color DMC
As you know I'm a quilter too and I bought a beautiful pattern of a quilt with cross stitch patterns in it.
Just need to buy the right color stitching fabric for this patterns.

Here you see al the fabric that will into the quilt

Last sunday when we had our 5th weddingday I baked a Cinnamon/apple cake
and served this with lemon balm tea. The lemon balm was fresh from our garden.

When I was baking our dog Bowy didn't move at all. He was busy with ....
Oh well... a dog needs his rest too and especialy at a sunday :)

dinsdag 4 mei 2010

LHN - May calendar

I know I'm a few days late with the calendar but I had to buy the right color ribbon I needed for the pinkeep.
This time a sandy color background

I love the colors for the month may, especialy the red, blue and green

Look at the blue house, is it not sweet?