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dinsdag 30 november 2010

May I present you ....

... mister Nutmeg, together with mister Cinnamon he gladly stands still so I can take a picture of them both. But when I don't look ... boy oh boy ... they make a mess of everything. The holly they hold between them regulary swings through the livingroom and they have so much fun. Bowy looks at them and thinks by him self .... I'm glad when december is over and these troublemakers will go in a box for the next 11 months.

We didn't know that gingerbreads where such naughty boys and I still need to stitch number 3, mister ginger.


maandag 29 november 2010

Snow and a little angel ...

I just hear that Annelies recieved my gift. She had ask on the wishlist of the Dutch yahoogroup for a pincushion with an angel on it, an angel like the one from Heart in Hand. I just had to make it :-) It is the 4th wish that I fulfill for someone. I just love making things for other people !!
The pattern is called Little angel in the clouds and I finished it with a blue fabric and some lace and little red heart button. Stitched with Nina's threads. Inside I put between the filling some lavender for a nice smell.

And today we also had snow where I live. I just love snow !!! Some pictures made from the garden.

Okay it isn't that much snow but enough to give a winter look and now I'm of to make some hot chocolate.

Oh before I forget ... Nancy from Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe has also started a blog. She has beautiful motto's and threads. Just click --> HERE <-- to visit her new blog.

Elisa has a give away so check out her blog

zaterdag 27 november 2010

Mister Cinnamon

Last night I took the Gingerbreads Trio from Little House Needleworks which I started last year. I only had done a few stitches but I didn't liked the color I choose for the gingerbreads, so I frog the stitches and found another color I liked from Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe.  I started to stitch them again and before I went to bed I had stitched Mister Cinnamon.

I  always see cookies as masculine, is it because I like to nibble them both ?


vrijdag 26 november 2010

Christmas owl ...

I got a email yesterday that my package had arrived so I can you again something I made. This time for Iris who ask on the wishlist (Dutch yahoogroup) for a little christmas ornament that she could hang in her ornament tree. I choose for a pattern of The Floss Box because I know Iris love these patterns

Im still working on a birthday present for someone, who has her birthday in december :-) And I have taking out my gingerbreads from LHN because this stitching I started last year but didn't finish it. I hope to finish it in the next few weeks. I'm also working on my winter quilt in between cross stitching.

woensdag 24 november 2010

And another christmas ornament ...

First to all of my American friends for tomorrow:
I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving day !!!


Again I can show you what I have made for someone of the Dutch yahoogroup because it arrived by her. Diana ask on the wishlist a christmasornament of Lizzie Kate and I made one for her. I choose a new pattern of Lizzie Kate called: Where's the party.

On the elf shoes I attach some golden beads


My husband Michiel is begin working again after his knee surgery since last monday for half days. The knee needs still alot of rest because it still is swelling when he is doing to much. So from time to time he is lying on the bed in the livingroom for a rest. Bowy likes that very much because he also can rest then (do you see the smile on his face?)

dinsdag 23 november 2010

Pincushion and christmasornament ...

I got an email that the package was arrived safely and Marianne loved the things I made for her  ...

I made a pincushion and stitched the hedgehog that is a freebie of the Workbasket. I stitched it with Nina's Threads - color Romance (I just LOVE her threads). The fabric is aida (I don't like aida to stitch on, but this one was in my stash and had a beautiful color light purple).

I also made a little christmas ornament for Marianne and used (again) Nina's Threads, this time one of her new colors called Jingle Bells.

After I stitched it I attached some gold colored beads


maandag 22 november 2010

Nice presents ...

Still can't show you something I have made because the presents still are under way to some people :-)

Again one wish of mine (of the Dutch yahoogroup) was fullfill by someone. Elza send me some lovely presents, she send me a beautiful wooden box with a LHN stitching on it named Tra-la-la and I love it !! All was wrapped up in a bag with a cute snowman on it.

Inside the box there where some little red felted figures which I can hang in our Yule tree and also there was a very cute snowman !!

Some weeks ago I won a give away on the blog of Veronica and the prize was a beautiful beaded scisserfob. Veronica send me this beautiful one and i realy love it, it has so nice colors !!

I love that little cat at the bottom. Veronica thank you again !!

vrijdag 19 november 2010

Christmas bell and an award

I have been busy with making things I can't show yet because these are surprises for some people. One thing arrived yesterday so that one I can show now.

On a Dutch yahoogroup we have every year a wishlist. You can write down a wish and someone else can full fill that wish. I saw that Simone ask for a primitive christmas ornament so I made one for her. I stitched and made the Christmas bell from Stacy Nash for her and she loved it !

On the bottom I attached a rusty bell

On the back I put some fabric with moose because I now she love these animals


From Christine I got the Beautiful Blogger Award

I love reading her blog because she writes so lovely and showing beautiful pictures of Scotland. I love that country very much. We where there in 2004 on the Isle of Mull and fell in love with Scotland (especialy the puffins LOL), it has so beautiful landscapes and one day we will go there again for a holliday.

With this award there are some string attached :-) I must write down 5 things that you readers don't know about me... Mmmmm that is hard because I write down about anything I think hihihi ... But I will give it a try ....

1. Did you know that my favorite drink is ..... COFFEE. I drink it all day, from the time I wake up till I go to bed again. I just love coffee !!! Sometimes I drink a cup of herbal tea but that is mostly in the summer. I don't drink limonade or other juice. No I'm a coffee junk :-)

2. When I'm not busy with quilting and cross stich I love to play on the Nintendo Wii. I love the game tv quiz where they ask you many questions and you have to give the right one or I love to play golf. I also love the games of Super Mario.

3. I just love reading about the Amish people. I love how they live and when I see a article about them I just have to read it. I also love seeing pictures of there livestyle and love to read books about them !!

4. When I watch tv most times it is not a Dutch channel but we love to watch English channels, such as BBC,  National Geographic Channel, Discovery or Animal Planet. On the BBC they have a program called Eggheads and I watch that every night, I love to find out if  I know the answer to the questions.

5. I collect videotapes (yes the old ones) and dvd's about Pippi Longstocking, a figure from Astrid Lindgren. I also have some books about Pippi, the one I read when I was young. I loved to watch the tv series when I was young. I just love Pippi !! Maybe because Pippi loved all kind of funny things just like me. I love many styles (in crafts and in the house) such as primitive country style, romantic style, a crazy funny style. All kind of styles except modern :-)

So know you now a bit more about me and now comes the hard part. I must pass this award to 5 other people who blogs I love to read but there are so many I love to read, so I'm thinking and thinking ....

1. Siobhan, I love her blog and her cross stitching projects are a joy to watch, so beautiful.

2. Gina, I discoverd her blog some time ago and love to see all the beautiful things she is making.

3. Nina, a friend who I got to know for some time now and she dye so beautiful threads. I just love working with her threads !! She also makes the most beautiful things and I just love reading her blog.

4. Nataly, she also make so beautiful things and it is a joy to see the pictures of her dog Daisy.

5. Thearica (I just love her name). I discovered her blog a month or 2 ago and I love to read it. She makes so beautiful quilts and currently she is organizing a pincushion swap (yes I joined that one).

So that where 5 blogs I love to read but that doesn't mean I don't love ALL the other blogs I read, because I DO !! I love so many blogs but when I write them down there would be a very long list :-)
To all the readers of my blog ... I just LOVE you all and your blogs and I have get to know so many new people online and they all have a special place in my heart. Thank you all for your lovely commetns each times !!

zondag 14 november 2010

Top finished !!

I totaly forgot to update my blog, because I finished my top of my quilt: Roses from the past last thursday. I have beginning quilting on the roses and leaves. in the original quilt there was embroidery on the roses and leaves but when I had done that, I didn't like it so ..... I took al the threads out and don't put any embroidery onit. No I'm going to quilt the roses and leaves and I find it much more nicer. I haven't a picture of it but I do have a picture of how my top looks now it is ready.

On a Dutch yahoogroup we always have in november the wishlist. On that list you can write a few wishes and hopefully someone will fulfill one wish of that list. I ask for a primitive pincushion, not too much with a christmas theme, just a little bit because we don't celebrate christmas but we celebrate Yule (dec 21th) !!
Simone had make me a beautiful pincushion and she added some little bells at the corners and that is christmas enough for me :-)

On the back a beautiful piece of fabric from Red Rooster.

maandag 8 november 2010

Roses from the past

Last week I took the fabric of this quilt to look how the pattern was en how large each piece of fabric must be. I cut all the fabric on the right lenght and started to sew. I always make my quilts by hand and not on the machine. Here is a update of the quilt. I'm almost half done with the borders. 3 sides has now 3 borders and 1 side has 4 borders. I hope to sew a bit more today.

Last weekend my daughter came with her friend and my son came with his girlfriend to celebrate my birthday and they gave me a Dutch quiltbook: The history of the Dutch quilt from An Moonen. They knew I wanted this book for a long time but never bought it for myself. But now I have it and it is a wonderful book !!

zaterdag 6 november 2010

International Pincushion Swap

First of all ... thank you all for the birthday wishes. I had a great birthday last Tuesday.


In september Quilting Jeannet organized a pincushion swap and everybody could join, not only Dutch people but also people from alot of other country's joined. Two people where attached to each other, so the one where you send your pincushion to, had to send a pincushion to you.

I had as swap partner Carolyn from America and she send me a beautiful patchwork pincushion

She also send me a Yo-Yo pin

I make for her a pincushion with a pattern from Blackbird Design (Small Token)

(stitched with DMC and Nina's Threads Raspberry, Hibicus and Moss)

I also used a quiltfabric from Blackbird Design and some lace to finish it

I enjoyed this pincushion swap and next year Jeannet will organize another pincushion swap. Well ... I'm in for it :-)

dinsdag 2 november 2010

One year older ...

You wake up and you are 1 year older. The counter now shows 48 year ! (my DH says ... thats almost 50, thats what you get when your DH is 4 1/2 years younger). Its a beautiful autumn day and the leaves are blowing in the wind. This is my favorite season and I'm a real autumn person.

In the basket above you see some pincushions that I made last week while my DH was busy with the LHN ornaments. All the stitchingfabric I made "old" with coffee and bake dry in the oven.

First I made October 31 pincushion from Stacy Nash.

(fabric in the back I used as backingfabric)

stitchgfabric: ivory 28 ct jobelan
threads: DMC - Rusty Red from Nina's Threads

Then I made Skeleton Tree hanging Pinkeep from Stacy Nash.
(fabric in the back I used as backingfabric)
stitchgfabric:   ivory 28 ct. jobelan
threads: DMC - Rusty Red en Moss from Nina's Threads

As third I made Quaker Boo from The Sampler Girl
(fabric in the back I used as backingfabric)
stitchgfabric: white 32 ct. jobelan
threads: DMC - Lasagne from Nina's Threads

Then I made ABC Witch Pinkeep Pillow from Primitive Stitchin
(fabric in the back I used as backingfabric)
stitchgfabric: 26 ct. ecru evenwaeve
threads: DMC - Rusty Red, Moss en Lasagne from Nina's Threads

And the last I made is Spooky Hollow from Country Rustic Primitives
(the rustic fabric at the bottom I used as backingfabric)
stitchgfabric: 28 ct. ivory linnen
threads: DMC - Rusty Red, Moss en Lasagne from Nina's Threads


Yesterday little Marie arrived. Marie is handmade by Tine from Germany and she is only 3,5 inch high. I won Tine's give away last week and little Marie was the prize. I just love that little bear with her beautiful eyes ! Thanks again Tine for sending her to us !!!