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zondag 27 december 2009

February - LHN finished

Last night I finished the second month February
Stitched on 32 ct jobeland (tea dyed) and Crescent colours
Now I have to wait 2 months before march and april will arrive, oh well ... I have so many other patterns I need to stitch :)

woensdag 23 december 2009

January from LHN finished and a Christmas wish

Today I finished the first month of LHN: January
I realy love how the colors turned out
I have stitched it on 32 ct. jobelan, dyed in strong tea
Threads as charted (Crescent colours)
I still have to finish it of to a pinkeep for my calender, but that is for later :)

We have made a little film on internet by Elfyourself to wish you all a Merry Christmas, starring ourselfs (with the dog).
If you want to take a look, click on the picture and sing together with us ...

zondag 20 december 2009

Good news from the doctor !

This last week I have taking alot of rest and I'm feeling good. No pain at all and lot of time to stitch :)
Last friday I got a telephone call from my doctor about the test results of the
investigated tissue. It turned out that all bad cells are removed and even
the tissue of the neighbouring area turned out to be complety clean. In
other words, everything that could have turned nasty is intercepted.
Boy oh boy ..... I'm so happy with this news !!!


Last wednesday the postman came and brought me the first kit from LHN with the first 2 months of the year: january and february.
I love the threads from crescent colours that are included.

In most parts of Holland it was snowing heavely last friday so I was told, but here we only had less then 1/2 inch.
But now this sunday we woke up in a white world and its still snowing.
And in the days to come they predicted even more.

donderdag 10 december 2009

See you all soon ! (updated)

Tomorrow is the day of the surgery. I must check in at 10 in the morning.
Don't know how long it will take before I can post again, but till that time I say goodbye and I hope to see you here real soon again !

Yesterday (sunday 13th) the doctor said that I could leave the hospital already, but I still must rest alot, so I hope to post a new post this week and tell you all more about it !

If I don't have time to post before december 21 th, then I wish you a Blessed Yule

and for the ones who celebrate christmas, I wish you all a Merry Christmas !


dinsdag 8 december 2009

Let it snow

I already stitched this pattern once but that was for a exchange.
I realy liked it so I stitched it again for myself, only used some different colors.

Let it Snow from Country Cottage Needleworks
stitched on jobelan 28 ct - DMC threads

On the back a fabric with snowmen

I'm counting the days till I must go to the hospital, only 3 days now.
I have put all my things together that I must take with me ...
many books for reading and some stitching stuff :)

zaterdag 5 december 2009

Schoolgirl lessons

Yesterday I finsihed Schoolgirl lessons from LHN

I stitched it on 40 ct. linnen with DMC variation 4130
The finished size is only 2,8" x 4,5"

Thank you all for looking and have a wonderful weekend !

vrijdag 4 december 2009

Christmas present recieved

And then the doorbel rings and you see the postman holding a package. I'm very curious and see the name who send it, it's from Nina. I know she was sending a christmas present but that it was arriving so soon ... what a surprise ! (only 2 days to arrive from Hungary to Netherlands)

She wrote she wanted to make me smile when I was staying in the hospital for a couple of days (dec. 11th) and that I got her present before christmas, but her present didn't make only a smile on my face but a tear as well, because what she send is to beautifull for words.

Just look at the pictures and I don't have to say anymore ...
I hope you enjoying the pictures as much as I do the presents :)

Dear friend Nina thank you so much for this beautifull christmas present.
I'm still smiling :)


I hope you all are going to her blog on december 14 th. because then she has her birthday :)
I send her an early birthday present 2 weeks ago (I didn't know how long it took to arrive and because when she has her birthday I'm in the hospital).

dinsdag 1 december 2009

Finishing off the chocolate box

I have some stitching parts lying around that needs to be finishing off.

Today it was time for the chocolate box from LHN. I stitched it some weeks ago but didn't had the time to put it on the little teabox.

(Click to enlarge)

On both sides I attach a satin ribbon just for decoration

On the inside I glue some fabric with bonbons on it. It looks Yummie !
In this box I'm going to keep my charms, because I have alott of them and I think this is a wonderfull box for them.

maandag 30 november 2009

Fa-la-la finished

When I read that Little House Needleworks came with a montly ornament and you could sign up for a auto-shipment I didn't hesitate. Diane let us see the first two and I fell in love !

Last saterday the first pattern came and I wanted to take this with me to the hospital, but the pattern is so cute that I couldn't wait. I had to make this one, so I started saterdaynight and did the finishing on sunday.

(click images to enlarge)

Stitched on 32 ct. linnen (coffee dye) with DMC and beads as charted

As a extra I attached a music note charm

vrijdag 27 november 2009

Books are coming my way

Besides stitching and quilting I love to read. And my favorite books are mysteries, I love to find out who was the one who did the crime.

I have the hole collection of the China Bayles serie (Herb mysteries) from Susan Albert Wittig.
And they are so fine to read, I realy loves these books !

But ... when I was reading in a older post on the blog of Carin (another Carin from the Netherlands) about mysteries books with a needlecraft theme I was curious.
So I did some google on the writersname Monica Ferris and what I read about her sounded great and her books sounds like great mysteries.
So I orderd the first 6 books of her and I hope they will arrive before I go to the hospital.
Boy oh boy ... I'm going to solve some mysteries while I been in the hospital LOL

Book 1 and 2

Book 3 and 4

Book 5 and 6

Update: My husband hear today on his work that he gets 2 extra weeks off from work to take care of me, so after my surgery he can stay at home till januari 18th. Woohoo !!!!

donderdag 26 november 2009

Threads arrived and a scissorfob

Last saterday, after only 4 days from Canada to Netherlands, the threads arrived for my pattern Witches Hollow (Primitive Needle) and they are SO beautifull. I just had to make some photo's

(Click on the photo's to enlarge)

On a Dutch group we have a wishmonth, that means you can write down a wish and someone else can make it happen for you. Saskia ask for a scissorfob with an autumn theme and I made for her this scissorfob, stitched on 40 ct. linnen

vrijdag 20 november 2009

Work in progress and surgery date

Finaly the hospital called and told me the date when my surgery will be.
Some of you know I must have a historectomy because I still have some bad cells there and thats why they are going to remove the hole thing.
Well... the date of the surgery will be december 11th, so I'm going to spent the hollidays very quiet and most of it in bed :) I have to stay in the hospital for 5 days and when I come home my husband is free from work for a week of 2-3 to take care of me.
So after december 11th. there will be not much posting in this blog for a couple of weeks.


About stitching ... I have made some things but can't show them because they are on the way to someone:)

In the mean time I have stitched on a pattern of Little House Needleworks,
called Blackbird Inn

I'm stitching this on jobelan 28ct (dyed in coffee) with gentle art threads

And I have been stitching on a design of Blackbird Designs,
called Autumn song

This one I'm stitching on 36 ct linnen which I bought from Nina and it looks beautifull,
most of the threads I use are DMC variation, stitch 1 over 2

woensdag 18 november 2009

Christmas ornament

For a exchange on a Dutch cross stitch group I had to make a christmas ornament for Pascale

I made "Let it snow" from Country Cottage Needleworks
but I didn't stitch the hole pattern because that was to big for making into an ornament

I stitch on 28 ct. jobelan and used beads for the snowflakes

vrijdag 13 november 2009

New patterns arrived

This week my patterns arrived that I had orderd for my birthday
I know that they would come after my birthday but that didn't matter
I'm glad they are here now !

I orderd:
A quaker halloween sampler from Cherished Stitches
The book of spells from The Good Huswife

And then this one I realy like:
Witches Hollow from The primitive needle
Today I'm going to order the 39 skiens (weeks dye works) for this one,
so I can start with it when they arrive

woensdag 11 november 2009

Winter's eve

This afternoon I finished the stitching of
Winter's eve from Country Cottage Needlework
and tonight I made it into a ornament.
The pattern came from the JCS ornaments 2006

On top a little christmas bell and the little snowflakes are again white beads

maandag 9 november 2009

Halloween hornbook finished

Yesterday I finished halloween hornbook from Plum Street Samplers
I realy love this one !!!
I stitched it on tea dyed 28 ct. jobelan with DMC threads.

I have made some little changes in the colors:
instead of ecru I used 712
for the 730 I had 731
for the 680 I had 3820
and for the black 310 I used 3799 (I found this a bit softer then the black)

I love how the colors come out on the tea dyed fabric

zondag 8 november 2009

My first pinkeep

I have made my first pinkeep, never done it before and I found it very easy to do.

The pattern is from LHN and it's called: Woodland snowfall
it was in the JCS christmasornaments 2004

Stitch on 28 ct. jobeland with DMC
For the little snowflakes I used white beads

On the back a fabric with pine cones

I'm going to make a few more ornaments for our Yule tree in december.

dinsdag 3 november 2009

Dyed threads arrived

Today arrived the dyed threads I orderd from Nina.
Aren't they beautifull ? I realy love them !
(click on photo´s to enlarge them)

I also had orderd two pieces of hand dyed fabric which are beautifull
Nina also put some goodies with it:
some threadkeepers - wonderfull pins - little buttons

Thank you SO much Nina. I love everything you send !

Kim has also a beautifull give away.
Click on her name to go to her blog.