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dinsdag 30 november 2010

May I present you ....

... mister Nutmeg, together with mister Cinnamon he gladly stands still so I can take a picture of them both. But when I don't look ... boy oh boy ... they make a mess of everything. The holly they hold between them regulary swings through the livingroom and they have so much fun. Bowy looks at them and thinks by him self .... I'm glad when december is over and these troublemakers will go in a box for the next 11 months.

We didn't know that gingerbreads where such naughty boys and I still need to stitch number 3, mister ginger.

12 opmerkingen:

Shari zei

adorable!!!! I have this chart.....maybe I should pull it out & work on it!!!! Yours is too cute!

blueladie zei

Carin, oh so cute and I love your comments on your pictures! They make me smile. :) Cathryn

Nancy*Glory Bee zei

So cute! They pop right off the fabric, great stitching....Nancy

Amarins zei

Wat ziet dit er weer prachtig uit.

Carol zei

Love your project and the fun stoiry.

Lesleyanne zei

Lovely progress and story. it really is gorgeous.

Erna zei

Oh Carin wat een schatjes, ben helemaal verliefd op ze.Ik heb toevallig vanmiddag het patroon besteld

Wendy zei

These are adorable!! Which chart would this be ? Love it!! Naughty little boys :)

Cynthia L. zei

Very cute - I love gingerbread "people"!! Your stitching is beautiful as always.

vEr0n!c@ zei

So cute! Naughty gingerbread men indeed. LOL!

Jessica @BeforeTheDawn zei

Adorable! I just love gingerbread.

(found your blog link from the LHN yahoo group.)

Siobhan zei

That is so cute!! Lovely stitching.