vrijdag 3 december 2010

Ornament tree ...

No update of the gingerbreads because I'm working on something for a christmas exchange. Hope to work on the gingerbreads  again this weekend !

My niece brought me a wonderful ornament tree and I love it !!
Its 20 inch (50 cm) high and i can hang 12 ornaments in this sweet little tree.
(For the Dutch readers; hij is te koop bij  Blokker voor maar 4.99)

Yesterday it was snowing all day and there is alot of snow in the garden now.

My husband Michiel had the flu since a couple of days and now he hand it over to me :-)

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  1. What a very nice tree Carin. I think I'm going to make a trip to Blokker tomorrow :)

  2. Hi Carin bedankt voor de tip, erg leuk idee.Beterschap en geniet van de mooie sneeuw

  3. Carin, I adore this ornament tree, what a super idea :)))

  4. You have got some real snow now! Lovely photos. I very much hope you and your husband are feeling tip-top very soon. Keep warm!

  5. I hope that you're feeling better soon Carin. It seems like the flu is going around like wild firee.

    I love your ornament tree. Very cute.

  6. heel leuk je kerst boom ..
    morgen Klaas er maar even heen sturen :))
    leuk gezicht he al de sneeuw...maar ja ik hoef er gelukkig niet uit....
    groetjes Tineke

  7. Love the tree! Love your work!

    Your backyard looks so pretty with all of the snow! We are getting snow right now and are supposed to get snow for at least another week!

  8. Carin, what a lovely ornament tree! Don't you just love it when family shares! (the flu) ;) Cathryn

  9. Thanx again Carin! My boyfriend went to Blokker and got me the ornament tree and it IS awesome :)Picture on my blog.

  10. The snow is so beautiful - it just screams Xmas! Wish we had white Christmases here in the southern part of the world.
    Chriz’s stitchy spot


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