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dinsdag 2 november 2010

One year older ...

You wake up and you are 1 year older. The counter now shows 48 year ! (my DH says ... thats almost 50, thats what you get when your DH is 4 1/2 years younger). Its a beautiful autumn day and the leaves are blowing in the wind. This is my favorite season and I'm a real autumn person.

In the basket above you see some pincushions that I made last week while my DH was busy with the LHN ornaments. All the stitchingfabric I made "old" with coffee and bake dry in the oven.

First I made October 31 pincushion from Stacy Nash.
(fabric in the back I used as backingfabric)
stitchgfabric: ivory 28 ct jobelan
threads: DMC - Rusty Red from Nina's Threads

Then I made Skeleton Tree hanging Pinkeep from Stacy Nash.

(fabric in the back I used as backingfabric)
stitchgfabric:   ivory 28 ct. jobelan
threads: DMC - Rusty Red en Moss from Nina's Threads

As third I made Quaker Boo from The Sampler Girl

(fabric in the back I used as backingfabric)
stitchgfabric: white 32 ct. jobelan
threads: DMC - Lasagne from Nina's Threads

Then I made ABC Witch Pinkeep Pillow from Primitive Stitchin

(fabric in the back I used as backingfabric)
stitchgfabric: 26 ct. ecru evenwaeve
threads: DMC - Rusty Red, Moss en Lasagne from Nina's Threads

And the last I made is Spooky Hollow from Country Rustic Primitives

(the rustic fabric at the bottom I used as backingfabric)
stitchgfabric: 28 ct. ivory linnen
threads: DMC - Rusty Red, Moss en Lasagne from Nina's Threads


Yesterday little Marie arrived. Marie is handmade by Tine from Germany and she is only 3,5 inch high. I won Tine's give away last week and little Marie was the prize. I just love that little bear with her beautiful eyes ! Thanks again Tine for sending her to us !!!

24 opmerkingen:

Anne Ida zei

One day older! It's only on the year count you're one year older ;o) Happy B-day!!!

Beautiful pincushions!

D@isy zei

All are beautiful pincushions.
Congratulations on the arrival of the little Marie.


Ineke zei

happy birthday!
Your collection of pincushions is gorgeous.

Katrina zei

Cute finishes!!!!

Unknown zei

fantastic pincushions!!!

natalysneedle zei

Happy Birthday! Love the autumn and Halloween stitching!

Deb zei

Happy Birthday!!

I just love all the pincushions that you made. They came out fantastic!

Lyssa zei

Happy birthday! Today is my mom's birthday too...She's 52 years young :)

Your pin cushions are beautiful and I just love the "old" look. That little teddy is so cute. Congrats on the win!

Lesleyanne zei

Happy Birthday. I love your basket of pin cushions.

Deborah zei

All of the pincushions are beautiful! Happy Birthday.

Nina zei

Happy Birthday dear Carin! Hope you are having a great day and evening :)
Wish you all the best!

Your finishes are so pretty and fabulous :)
Nina xoxoxox

KarenV zei

Happy Birthday Carin! I love your basket of pincushions, they're all so lovely. I particularly like the primitive stitching you did on the Spooky Hollow one, I'm filing that idea away for future use ;)

Thearica zei

It's like fine wine! You only get better with age! :)

Kathy zei

Absolutely beautiful pin cushions. All of them.

Happy Birthday to you! May all your birthday wishes come true.

Unknown zei

Happy Birthday to you! Hope you have had a wonderful day! I will 54 in a few days and on some days I feel every bit of it! Thankfully some days I feel young!

Your stitching is beautiful as always. You must have a project in your hands at all moments. Thanks for showing us your little bear! She is a beauty.

Ranae zei

Happy Birthday!!!!
I love your pincushions, they are awesome

Anoniem zei

What lovely work you did on all your pinkeeps. I especially love the Spooky Hollow with the addition of the fabric on the bottom. I wouldn't be able to part with any of them though, if they were mine. Great work! :)

Shelly of Primitive Stitchin'

Karen zei

Love your finishes! Especially the Spooky Hollow pinkeep....I love the way you finished.

Blu zei

Happy birthday!

Your pincushion collection is gorgeous!

Jenny zei

Happy Birthday,Carin! Hope your day was wonderful!
Your finishes are gorgeous!!

Your teddy is so sweet, lucky you!!

Erna zei

Een dag te laat maar nog van harte gefeliciteerd Carin, ik hoop dat je een prachtige dag hebt gehad.\Ben ook een herfst en wintermens.Leuke speldenkussentjes...Liefs

staci zei

Happy Birthday Carin, I hope it was a good one!

LOVE all your pincushions...they are all stitched and finished perfectly!

Unknown zei

Happy belated birthday, Carin! Hope it was great!

Love your seasonal pincushions. You'll have that basket overflowing in no time!

Solstitches zei

What a beautiful Autumn display of pillows you have in your basket.
So very pretty.