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donderdag 7 oktober 2010

26. Autumn leaves ...

"Which blok are we going to make Carin?"

 "This is block J-4 Autumn Leaf, a good block for this time of the year".

"Yes that is correct but what I don't understand is why you didn't take a fabric with leaves on".

"Well Brumelda, that is because I don't have any fabric with leaves on and beside that ... I like this fabric and I think it looks nice in this block. And I have all the blue fabrics reserved for the other blocks".

"But... a fabric with leaves was so much pretty for this block Carin".

"Wel that can be but drop it Brumelda, I'm going to take this one".

"Boy oh boy ... I don't say anything more. I'm going to help Michiel in the garden with the leaves. He has made me a rake so I could help him. Bye".

 Brumelda is going outside and I begin with the block. I like this fabric very much and if you look closely, you can see there are tiny leaves on it. By the way ... who is making these blocks. She or me? I look outside and see she is busy with the rake taking care of the autumn leaves.

While she is busy I hear her singing. She is doing a great job for Michiel and that he can need because his knee surgery (I wrote about it HERE at the end of the message) is sooner as we thought. The hospital called yesterday and his surgery will be friday (october 8). So we have been busy with taking care of everything in the house, because after the big surgery he can't do nothing for many weeks.

When I look outside I see Brumelda lying in the leaves.

"Brumelda you worked very hard".

"Yes that was alot of work, there where so many leaves lying around and now I was lying on the leaves for a little rest".

"So you don't have time to come and sit by my block, because I have finished it".

"Sure I can carin and I will bring you some leaves. They will fit perfectly with your blue leaves. Oops ... I forgot, you don't have used a fabric with blue leaves hihihi".

6 opmerkingen:

Gina zei

Well I like the fabric even if Brumelda doesn't.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Anne Ida zei

Your "Autumn Leaves" block is lovely, Carin! So, there you have it, Brumelda, you can grumble about it all you like ;o)

I'm crossing my fingers all goes well with Michiel's surgery tomorrow!

Blu zei

What a pretty block! Love the fabric!

Erna zei

Mooie stof Carin, heerlijk seizoen de herfst

Dani - tkdchick zei

Beautiful block!

teresamnj zei

Oh my gosh, you had me laughing out loud! Love Brumelda!