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dinsdag 19 oktober 2010

27. Nurse Brumelda

My husband is doing fine after his knee urgery. he can't do much except walk slowly on two crutches. So I'm doing all the other things around the house and don't have many time to stitch or quilt.
I did make my SBS BOW block but Brumelda didn't help me with it because so was busy reading stories to Michiel.

"You don't mind that I don't help you Carin?".

"No Brumelda, I'm glad you are reading stories to Michiel because I know he likes that. But when I have finish my block I will call you so you can sit by it".

"Okay thats fine, you know I love to help you".

This time its block  on K-3 Churn Dash and its a very easy block.

"Brumelda can you come, I have finish my block".

"Carin you know I love to help so may I give Michiel tonight his thrombosis syringe?".

"I don't think Michiel finds that a good idea Brumelda, but when I do it you may watch".

EDIT: Last week I won a give away from Lisa and I won two beautiful charts. Can't wait to stitch these !!!

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Erna zei

Ha die Carin veel sterkte toegewenst voor Michiel, kan niet anders dan goed gaan met zo'n verpleegster in de buurt....

Nina zei

I hope your husband is okay and will have a fast recovery! All my best wishes for him!

Jackie zei

Your blocks are looking beautiful as usual Carin. I like the leaf block very much. Hope DH is mending okay.

Tineke Machiela zei

beterschap Michiel....maar dat gaat goed komen met zo een verpleegster:)
en wat leuk Carin dat je een give away heb gewonnen ..
mooi blok.....zou het haast vergeten:)
fijne avond en de groetjes

Wendy zei

So glad your Michiel is mending. Of course, Brumelda is all that is helpful to you both. Beautiful block and congrats on win the stitch patterns :) Take care of you too!


Hi,I discover your lovely blog.Best wishes for your husband.Couson

Debra zei

Hope hubby heals quickly. Your block is so pretty and congrats on your winnings.

Annelies zei

That is a lovely block you made !!

Unknown zei

I am glad to hear your husband is doing better. I am sure that it is because of Brumelda (did I spell that right?) I would keep her away from the needles though!

I just made a churn dash for the first time. Yours came out very nice!

Anne Ida zei

Brumelda is a very sweet little witch taking such good care of Michiel! Happy to hear he is doing better - crossing fingers for a quick recovery!

Your Churn Dash block is lovely, Carin!

Karon zei

Hope your husband is a lot better now.
All best