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donderdag 16 september 2010

Brumelda's pleasure and again surgery Michiel

"Ohh you have choosen again nice colors for this block Carin, what is the name of this block?".

"This is L-2 Mother's favorite".

"So this is the favorite block from mother, well ... I have a favorite too".

"Brumelda there are no quiltblocks lying in the cookiesbox. Go find your favroite because I have finish my block and want to take a picture".

"Hihi Carin, my favorite isn't a quiltblock, but a peanutcookie. They are so yummie !!".

"That was so yummie, put the cookiesbox away because otherwise I will eat them all".

I put the cookiesbox away and are cutting the fabric for my next block. When that is done, I begin with piecing the block together.

"Carin what is the name of this block because you didn't mentioned that".

"This block has the name: D-3 Mother's delight".

"Again a mother's block? Do you know what gives me pleasure? Walking in the woods with Michiel, you and Bowy. Sitting on the bench with Michiel and enjoying the sounds of nature".

"May I take the chestnuts and pine cones that I found in the forrest and put them beside me when you are taking the picture of your next block?"

"Come on Brumelda, go sit there and I will take a picture".

"You can call this block also Brumelda's Delight".

"Dream on Brumelda".


Some of you have ask me how Michiel is doing after his surgery last july. Well ... its not good. The knee was still giving hem troubles and today we had to go back to the doctor to see if he can do something about it.
there is going to be another surgery, this time a large surgery. In a knee there are two ligaments and Michiel has only 1, because the other is snapped. So know they are going to put a new one in the knee. (I hope I can explain this in English) They will take  something from the upper leg (Musculus semimembranosus) and place that in the knee as a new ligament.
The revalidation afterwards will takes months but hopefully Michiel knee will turn out as new :-)

2 opmerkingen:

blueladie zei

Sending prayers for Michiel's Surgery. hugs, Cathryn

Anne Ida zei

Hi, Carin!

I have been catching up on your blog today. Love your blue and white SBS blocks! You will have a beautiful quilt! And those little chats between you and little Brumelda are so much fun - she sounds like a sweetie doll and a perfect sewing companion ;o)

Hope all will be well with Michiel's surgery!

Have a lovely weekend!
Hugs and stitches from Anne Ida

PS! Are you the Carin who gave up her G4 (if you are, you know what I mean), I'd just like to say thanks!