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zondag 10 oktober 2010

Elm Creek pin / operation Michiel

 Last september my name was picked of all the names who has entered the SBS BOW. On friday the post brought me the beautiful Elm Creek pin and Brumelda wanted to show it to you all.

We (Brumelda and I) love this pin very much


Last friday was the operation of Michiel. At 10.25 the doctor called me from the hospital to say that the operation went very well. I Was going to visit him friday evening and Brumelda wanted to come with me to see if Michiel was okay.

On saterday Michiel could leave the hospital already after the fysiotherapist had seen he could walk on crutches. Monday we must come back for making photo's and october 20th he must come back for a checkup with his doctor. Tomorrow also the fysiotherapist will come to our house to put together a therapy program for him. He will come 3 times a week at home.


Between taking care of Michiel and other things I started to knit a shawl for the winter

The shawl is very soft

13 opmerkingen:

Erna zei

Hoi Carin, veel sterkte voor Michiel de komende tijd, en je sjaal is super....

Barb zei

Congratulations Carin on winning your pin, Brumhilda looks very smart wearing it. Poor Michael, I do hope he will be home with you soon . Love the new shawl, looks warm and cosy.

Villa-loredana zei

I have make a link on my blog for your giveaway. Thanks. Loredana.

Wendy zei

Brumhilda looks very smart wearing your new pin and very sweet comforting Michael. Lovely job with your new shawl :) Best wishes!

Anne Ida zei

Congratulations on the pin - Brumelda looks very happy wearing it :o)

Love the look of your new shawl - so soft and snuggly!

All the best wishes for a quick recovery for Michiel!

Micki zei

You have a lovely blog! I completed the SBS quilt, and a pic of it is on my main page. I loved doing it. I received that pin once. Hope your husband is feeling better soon.
All the best,

orchidlover zei

I'm glad that Michael is doing well.
I think that pin looks great on Brumelda.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Siobhan zei

I hope Michiel continues to improve! What a great pin! Your shawl is gorgeous, too.

Solstitches zei

Hi Carin,
Thanks for visiting my blog and for your nice comment.
I hope Michael is recovering well.
That is a great pin you won!


Lee Prairie Designs zei

I am happy that Michiel is doing well and will be home soon!

Your shawl looks beautiful.

Thanks for sharing, :) Carolyn

Lee Prairie Designs zei

I forgot to tell you ---Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your sweet comment! Hugs, Carolyn

Anoniem zei

lovely pin you won Carin, and I do love Brumhilda
I hope your husband recovers very soon and can return home
lovely shawl

Elaine zei

Congratulations on your new pin Carin. Hope Michael recovers soon.
Love your new shawl.