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vrijdag 1 oktober 2010

24 and 25. Brumelda between the pumpkins ...

"Brumelda are you coming to help me with the next block. This one has a realy beautiful name: H-6 Lancaster Rose".

"No I can't because I'm helping Michiel in the garden. We are harvesting the pumpkins".

"Okay then I will make this block alone. You keep your eye on Michiel that he harvest all the pumpkins".

"Michieeeeel .... look at this one, this pumpkin is hidden in the hedge".

"And this one is a very big pumpkin. That will be alot of pumpkinsoup !".

While I'm busy with the applique I hear Brumelda saying ...

"Carin look at this flower, it is not a rose but a beautiful pumpkinflower. I do love that color".

"That is indeed a beautiful flower Brumelda. But can you come in for a moment because I have finished my block and I want to take a picture of it".

"Okay Carin, just wait a second so I can clean my shoes".

And there she is with cleaned shoes ...

"I brought you a little pumpkinflower Carin, because it is removed from the garden. Its to cold now and they won't grow anymore. Do you see the little bump at the end of the flower? That was going to be a pumpkin".

"If you don't mind Brumelda, I'm going to work on the next block, because that is an easy one. Its called A-2 Shoo-Fly".

"I don't see any flies Carin but I can show you the pumpkins we have harvest".

"Wow Brumelda, there are so many".

"Some of them have to ripe so they get the orange color too. And I have count them, we have now 29 pumpkins, so we can eat alot of pumpkinsoup".

"I don't think that won't be a problem because we all like pumpkinsoup very much. If you take a few pumpkins inside I can make a photo of my block Brumelda".

Brumelda begins to take a few pumpkins inside the house ...

"Oh my .. they are so heavy".

"Why did you take the big ones Brumelda, there are also many little ones".

"I know Carin but I thought when I take a big one, we have alot of pumpkinsoup tonight hihihi ...".

6 opmerkingen:

Tineke...... zei

mooie blokken Carin vooral de rose..en de pompoenen zijn prachtig ;)
en misschien een idee om de verhaaltjes te bundelen en een leuk boekje ervan te maken ....?
fijn weekend en de groetjes

Babs zei

De blokken zijn mooi en Brumelda is weer lekker grappig ;-) Waar heb je haar toch vandaan gehaald? :p

Anne Ida zei

Tji-hi! Way to go, Brumelda and Michiel, that is a lot of lovely pumpkins - hope you all enjoyed that soup - yum!

And you have made two beautiful blocks, Carin!

Siobhan zei

I love your blocks! Brumelda is very sweet, too. :)

Lynn zei

Love your little Brumelda! You have such great imagination in using it in your blog. Thanks for sharing so much with us all!

Rosa-kreattiva zei

adoro la tua mascotte ;-)