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maandag 2 augustus 2010

1. My SBS adventure is started ...

My husband had his arthroscopie on july 20th. and all went well. He can walk again good and has no pain.

I sorted out all my blue fabric and came close to the 345 different that I needed for the SBS quilt. I printed out all of the 140 blocks on freezerpaper (I use these as templates) and lay them down on the attic where I have the space for it.

Then I began lay down the fabric on the blocks till all the blocks need the fabric for it.

When that was done I put the fabric of each block in a plastic bag. Then all 10 blocks of a row in a larger bag, so I had 14 large bags each filled with 10 small bags.
I put them down in a large box (don't know the English word for it) and they didn't fit in.
Ohh well ... after each block that is made there is one bag less in the box.

After I cut the fabric for my first block (D-2 Milky Way), I started to sew the pieces together but wait ... someone is calling something:

"Yesssss .... she's making a quilt for me"

I look around and I see Brumelda coming my way. I ask her: "a quilt for you? "
"Yes for me,  because you talk all week about the SBS quilt and that is a quilt for me"
I don't understand why she is thinking that this quilt is for her and she sees that.
"Yes the abbreviation SBS, that's my name. Did you forget that already?"

Oh boy ... I totaly forgot that her initiales are the same as the abbreviation for the Sylvia Bridal Sampler.
Lady's and gentlemen may I present ...

No wonder she thought that this quilt would be for her.

"Well Brumelda, this is going a very large quilt (85" x 113") and I think we will all fit under it. But I have an idea... why don't you help me making this quilt. I can use someone that can keep order between all of the different fabrics".

"Ohhh yes, I would love to help making this quilt which named after me", she said (we let her think that ;-) and so our SBS adventure is started together on august 1th 2010.

"Ohh Brumelda, when I said you could help, I mean that you can help with anything except sewing the parts together of a block".

"Okay, then I leave that up to you. I only wanted to make me a new witch hat".

"I need that triangle for in my block I'm working on. Here ... just hold the two fabrics incase I need some more fabric".

Proudly she is watching me with the two fabrics on her lap, following the needle go up and down stitching  the pieces together.
"Gosh ... you stitch so fast", she said after I have finish the first block, "I will hold it for you when you want to make a photo of the block, can I ?"

"Yes you can Brumelda"

After making the photo, my assistent Smiling Brumelda Silvermoon has marked the first finished block on the list, just 139 to go :-)

"Carin ... what will be our next block?" she ask.

6 opmerkingen:

Lesleyanne zei

A lovely quilt.

Erna zei

Goed te horen dat Michiel geen pijn meer heeft.En ik denk dat je quilt, met hulp van Brumelda , geweldig wordt,maar wat een werk succes hoor

Ineke zei

Wat een klus moet dit geweest zijn! Vast ook een heel leuke, al dat gerommel met lapjes. Je achtergrondstof is prachtig.
Heel veel plezier en succes met het maken van deze mooie quilt.

Annie zei

This will be a beautiful quilt. Congrats on getting the ball rolling. It's nice to have such a great assistant. ;-)

Elaine zei

This is going to be such another lovely quilt Carin. Love your little helper..

Tineke...... zei

Leuk :)))) wens je veel plezier met de SBS...die gaat mooi worden :)
alles goed met Michiel..hoop het maar
doei.... tot weer
groetjes Tineke