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zaterdag 17 juli 2010

SBS fabric and a pinkeep

Yesterday we went to Jacqueline of  The Log Cabin to get my fabric for the SBS (Sylvia Bridal Sampler). She had orderd it for me. She had a roll of 10 meter for me and from another roll I bought another meter, so now I have a total of 11 meter (12 yard)

Its a white on white fabric with tiny twigs and leaves

I bought some other stuff too I needed, such as blue quilting thread and I bought some hexagons to make some pretty flowers. Never done that before.

I also bought some red/brown fabric for my potpourri quilt. This is for the binding. I'm almost done with the quilting, just some stitches in the border and then I can sew the binding.

Last week I stitched something for Jacqueline of The Log Cabin and made it into a pinkeep. I gave it to her yesterday when we where at her quiltshop.

I stitched all kind of quiltblocks and in the middle I stitched her logo with the name of her quiltshop.
Did you know she also has a weblog and shows new items at her shop and she writes about the rebuilding of her new quiltshop.

8 opmerkingen:

Erna zei

Wat een prachtige stoffen en je borduurtje , enig, ik had het nog nooit gezien, wat zal Jaqueline er blij mee zijn geweest.

Elaine zei

Lots of lovely new stash Carin and Jaqueline must have been thrilled with such a beautiful gift.


Beautiful stitching Carin and your gift to the shop is just gorgeous!

Tammy zei

Your stitching finish is so pretty!! But Bowy has captured my heart!!! I have a little girl Jack Russell (Jenny). I'll have to post some pics. She is the 3rd JR I've owned. One of my girls lived to be nearly 18!

Lynn zei

Very cute pinkeep! I LOVE it! Thanks for sharing the photos with us!

Anoniem zei

Hi Carin,
I hope you are OK ??
Just flew by to wish you a wonderful day !!

Nina zei

Quilting is that 'thing' I wondered always... It looks difficult but amazing too :) You have golden hands, Carin, to sew so beautiful quilts! :)

Anoniem zei

What a sweet gift! The darling pin keep is perfect and so thoughtful.