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zaterdag 7 augustus 2010

5. Magic wand ...

Its time for the 5th block of the SBS. This time I used a blue and a beige fabric. On the beige fabric there are lovely blue flowers and Brumelda finds this a beautiful fabric.

"Ohh I love this fabric, can you make me a skirt of this fabric? Look how pretty it would be".

"I think I'm going to wait  with that Brumelda because there are more beautiful fabrics coming in the other blocks. If I must make you a skirt of all the fabric you find beautiful, your wardrobe couldn't be close anymore".

"Carin what is the name of this block you are making?".

"This is block D-5 and its called Square and Star".

"Oh great ... a star. Do you know I have a star on my magic wand? My teacher at the witchesschool says I can use it very good after my 5 lessons. I can make things complete now. Just let me show you ...".

And before I can say no, Brumelda is swinging her magic wand in the air and says:
"Hocus Pocus Simsalabelly and your block shall be ready".

I see some stars flying around and then I see the block. It is changed into ......

"Ohhh Brumelda, I don't think the block is looking very well. I think you need a few lessons more in magic spells and alott of practise, but not on my blocks please. I shall put the block together as it should be".

Brumelda waits patiently with her magic wand in her hand till I'm finish with the block because she wants on the photo with her beautiful star.

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Anoniem zei

Wat is Brumelda een schatje, zo lief !!!
De blokken zien er fantastisch uit.
Ik hoop dat het goed met je gaat ??
Een heel fijn weekend.