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maandag 23 augustus 2010

9. Brumelda is back ...

Yesterday Brumelda came home and she had a wonderful vacation. She even took some photo's.

She had visit a "hunnebed" (like a stone grave tombe)

And she like fishing....

And when the sun was shining she lay down with a good book ...

"I'm glad you are back Brumelda because now we can make the BOW block of this week".

While Brumelda is telling me about her vacation I work on the block and before we now the block is finished. Brumelda wants to keep her sunglasses on when I take the picture of our 9th block of the SBS quilt.

4 opmerkingen:

Deborah zei

I love Brumelda! I see that she has been very busy. Love the quilt block.

Erna zei

Goed dat je hulp weer terug is Carin, ze ziet er ontspannen uit.

La Uina zei
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La Uina zei

I love Brumelda in the pictures of your works =)))
I really love NICI characters, i collect them together with other fluffy animals