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woensdag 11 augustus 2010

7 and 8. The choice ...

"Oh my, this block has so many small pieces".

"I know Brumelda, there are 65 pieces and some of them are very small".

"It looks like a block from the Nearly Insane quilt. That one you didn't make isn't? Well ... its your own choice to make this block and if you can make it, then you can always make the Nearly Insane quilt".

"Just let me first finish this quilt and then we will see", I say and I continue on the block. Its not as difficult as it seems with those little pieces.

"Do you know that it looks like a pond with fish in it. Whats the name of this block Carin? Something with fish?".

"No Brumelda, its block B-8 Mrs. Cleveland's Choice".

Brumelda is thinking while I stitched and then she said: "I think Mrs. Cleveland had a large pond with all kind of fish in it and thats why she made this block".

"Maybe you are right and I think Mrs. Cleveland made a very good choice because its a beautiful block".

Brumelda sees that the block is finished, "Yes I find this block also beautiful and now you can see that it is a pond with fishes, they are swimming from every corner to the middle".

"I think you are so right Brumelda, your a very smart girl ...uhhh .... little witch".

Its still early when I take my next block. I want to make the next block of the BOW from the SBS forum.

"Ohhh yes... today we are going to make 2 blocks. Hooray !!", said Brumelda, "which one is it ..., which one?".

"Its block K-7 Sickle and its a very easy block, so I think we will finish it also today".

"Boy oh boy, you have speedy needles Carin, you are going so fast".

"Thats because this is a very easy block Brumelda and I like the fabrics I used, don't you?".

"Yes", Brumelda said when I have finish the block, "I like them too and this block was a piece of cake for you". 

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