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zondag 2 mei 2010

Special day today

May 2 is a very special day for us because its our weddingday.
Today we are married 5 years !!
my daughter Lindy (from my 1th marriage) has her birthday today
she's turning 24 years.
Happy birthday Lindy !!

I did tell you I was going to put more photo's that I took with my new camera.
I made some pictures of our garden pond (which is about 180" x 120")
(click pictures to enlarge)

The birds are using this bowl to take a bath in

Some of the goldfish that are in the pond (a total of over 30)

And I made several pictures of our frogs in the pond.
We have 3 of them, 1 female and 2 male.
The light green one (in the middle) is the female.

The frogs make noise by pumping air into their vocal pouches
These sacs serve as a resonating chamber, allowing the frogs to SING!
Male frogs vocalize by squeezing their lungs with their nostrils and mouth shut. Air flows over their vocal chords and into their vocal sacs blowing it up like a bubble gum balloon

I think this frog looks abit like Kermit

Its mating season so they climb on top of each other :)

Yes Kermit is on top of the female !!

Three of a kind LOL

The female is flooting on the water

Well lets hope there are many baby frogs next year :)

9 opmerkingen:

Nina zei

Carin, Happy Anniversary to you and wish a happy birthday to your daughter! Wish you all th best!

Lesleyanne zei

Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. Happy birthday to your daughter. LOVE the photos of the frogs. They are gorgeous.

Anoniem zei

Happy anniverary and happy birthday to your daughter !!
I love the pictures of the frogs. They look so very cute.
I only have one toad in the pond and I hope there will be a female around, so we can have little toad fishes ; )

Gayle zei

Happy Anniversary! Love the pictures. They definitely remind me that spring is here.

Ranae zei

Happy 5h Anniversary!!!
Happy Birthday to Lindy

Elaine zei

Happy Anniversary Carin and hope your daughter had a lovely birthday.
Great frog pictures!

Mylene zei

Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! And A happy Birthday to your daughter.

Great pictures of your garden pond.

Deb zei

Happy Anniversary Carin and Happy Birthday to your daughter too! Love the pictures of the frogs! I have a funny feeling you're going to be seeing some babies swimming around sometime soon.

Erna zei

Nog gefelilciteerd met je trouwdag Carin, dat er nog vele mooie jaren mogen volgen.
En ja de kikkers.... geweldig, leuke foto's