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dinsdag 25 mei 2010

Crows in the garden

The sun was shining and I had just make some close-up photo's of some plants I bought last week, when two beautiful young crows sat down by the pond.

I think they like the water from the pond :)

One by the water ...

One on top of the vase

This is one of the plants I bought

Look how beautiful this flower is

And another yellow plant I bought (I just love yellow flowers in the garden)

Many pistils inside the flower

The last couple of days we had visit from our daughter Lindy and her friend Jacco, so I haven't done any stitching or quilting. I just started today with the calender month June of LHN because its only one week before June begins.

7 opmerkingen:

Annie zei

What cute visitors for your paparazzi photos! They sure are having a nice time in your garden.

Erna zei

Jee Carin wat maakt jouw toestel toch scherpe foto's prachtig hoor.Je ziet gewoon de glans op die kraaien.En je borduurtje is ook mooi van kleur

Michelle zei

Some great photos! Your plants are lovely too. Enjoy your stitching - looking forward to see more of that piece!

Deb zei

I missed your post with the red quilt. Love, love it!

Those are some wonderful pictures. Whenever I try to get some like that the birds fly away! LOL Can't wait to see more of your June piece.

Gerry zei

Prachtige foto's maak je met dat nieuwe toestel! Die kraaien hebben het erg naar hun zin.
Wat gaat je Potpourri snel! Mooi gaat hij worden.

Elaine zei

Great birdie and pretty flower pics Carin.
Look forward to seeing more of your wip and your quilt looks gorgeous!

Lesleyanne zei

Lovely pictures of your garden, visitors and stitching.