donderdag 20 mei 2010

Shopping ...

Last tuesday we went to a city not far from us and there is a neeldleworkshop which has beautiful material. Lots of books/patterns/kits, all kind of threads, stitching fabric etc.

I didn't leave with empty hands :)

I saw a beautiful kit from DMC with blue and brown colors and I loved it, so I bought it, also a little kit from Lanarte with two penguins (my husband likes these animals very much).
Normaly I don't buy kits, only patterns but these two I realy liked.

They also have a silk thread from China called Moncai's silk and I didn't worked with that thread, so I bought two skiens and now I can try and see how this thread works.
I also bought some painted stitching fabric (35 count, color light lila), some ribbon (for another sampler I will be working on soon) and two scissors.
I love thoses scissors !!!

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  1. What great finds! It's always fun to stock up. And what super scissors!

  2. Oh yes, stash forever :)) Love those goodies to :)

  3. Beautiful stash haul Carin, love the scissors!

  4. Lovely new stash. Those patterned scissors are beautiful.

  5. I love the brown and blue kit. Did you say it was DMC? I looked online for it and didn't see it. I would love to stitch it!

  6. Nice stash hun.. Love the material colour.

  7. Super...wat een leuk pakket zeg, was je toevallig bij Sabine van Naal en Draad :).Leuk hoor zo'n verwennerij

  8. Dan ben je een geluksvogel hoor! Als je winkel in de buurt hebt. Ik koop meestal via Internet, maar ik zou zo graag een winkel in de buurt hebben. Ach... misschien in een tweede leven, begin ik er zelf eentje. :)
    Leuk patroon zeg; heb ik nog niet eerder gezien.


  9. Wonderful stash haul. I love those scissors too.


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