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zondag 14 november 2010

Top finished !!

I totaly forgot to update my blog, because I finished my top of my quilt: Roses from the past last thursday. I have beginning quilting on the roses and leaves. in the original quilt there was embroidery on the roses and leaves but when I had done that, I didn't like it so ..... I took al the threads out and don't put any embroidery onit. No I'm going to quilt the roses and leaves and I find it much more nicer. I haven't a picture of it but I do have a picture of how my top looks now it is ready.

On a Dutch yahoogroup we always have in november the wishlist. On that list you can write a few wishes and hopefully someone will fulfill one wish of that list. I ask for a primitive pincushion, not too much with a christmas theme, just a little bit because we don't celebrate christmas but we celebrate Yule (dec 21th) !!
Simone had make me a beautiful pincushion and she added some little bells at the corners and that is christmas enough for me :-)

On the back a beautiful piece of fabric from Red Rooster.

13 opmerkingen:

Annelies vdB zei

What a beautiful quilttop !!

Gretchen zei

Your quilt is so lovely! Very elegant and antique looking. Cute pincushion and perfect for winter.

KarenV zei

Your quilt is very pretty and I love the pincushion - the rusty bells are perfect!

Lesleyanne zei

Your quilt is lovely as is the pincushion you received.

natalyK zei

Your quilt is beautiful and the pincushion is lovely. Enjoy!

Jane zei

Lovely quilt Carin, all the hard work it's taken has been so worth it, you should be very proud of it.
Lovely pincushion too and as it's not toooo Christmassy you can have it displayed all the year round ~ perfect xxx

staci zei

Your quilt is stunning! Love the pincushion you received too :)

Anoniem zei

Beautiful quilt, lovely pincushion, and I hope you will tell us a bit more about Yule (as distinct from Christmas)! I think often people consider Yule to be another word for Christmas.

Debra zei

Your quilt is so pretty and so is the gift you received.

orchidlover zei

What a great pincushion.
I would love to celebrate Yule instaed of Christmas as I always feel a fraud on Dec 25.My mum however is a preacher so I tend to fall in with her wishes rather than cause a family row.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Cynthia L. zei

The quilt top is really pretty, you did a good job on it. I like the colors and the flowers. I look forward to seeing the finihsed quilt.

I am happy that your wish for a primitive pincushion came true! It is really pretty.

Siobhan zei

Beautiful quilt top! I love the pincushion, too.

Thearica zei

The pincushion is precious! And I love your quilt. I can't wait to see it quilted!

Are you hand quilting it?