maandag 22 november 2010

Nice presents ...

Still can't show you something I have made because the presents still are under way to some people :-)

Again one wish of mine (of the Dutch yahoogroup) was fullfill by someone. Elza send me some lovely presents, she send me a beautiful wooden box with a LHN stitching on it named Tra-la-la and I love it !! All was wrapped up in a bag with a cute snowman on it.

Inside the box there where some little red felted figures which I can hang in our Yule tree and also there was a very cute snowman !!

Some weeks ago I won a give away on the blog of Veronica and the prize was a beautiful beaded scisserfob. Veronica send me this beautiful one and i realy love it, it has so nice colors !!

I love that little cat at the bottom. Veronica thank you again !!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Beautiful presents! The box is amazing, and the felt ornaments are lovely too. I hope you'll show us your Yule tree!

  2. Wonderful gifts :) Enjoy them :)

  3. Great presents , I love the box and what's in it...

  4. What great gifts!! I love the fob on those scissors and the box filled with ornaments is beautiful. Enjoy!

  5. What a beautiful box of goodies! Love that scissors. It's cute! Glad the fob arrived safely :)


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