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zondag 8 augustus 2010

6. Stars ...

"Carin, I thought you didn't like sparkles?".

"Thats correct Brumelda, I don't like them. Why?".

"Because I see a fabric with sprankles. Are you going to use that?".

"Yes this  fabric I'm going to use in this next block, because I think it will look very pretty. It's block H-5 Sylvia's Shooting Star and this fabric with those little stars and sprankles will be perfect for the background".

"I think you are right Carin, it will be look very nice. How many stars are going to be in this block?".

"There is going to be only one star in this block, and it already looks beautiful with this sprankling fabric. But while we were talking I have finished the block, so come and sit for the photo".

It looks she's not hearing me and she mumbles:
"stars, sprankles, where did I see them".

    Suddenly she jumps up, runs to my bead storagebox and dives head first, in to it ...

"Brumelda are you coming? What are you doing?".

"Well, I just remembered where I had seen the sprankling stars, here they are ....

"Ohh Brumelda, I can't stitch those little stars on the quilt. I think the block looks very nice, even without those little stars".

3 opmerkingen:

Cyndi loves to stitch zei

Carin that is one spectacular block. Thought I'd seen them all, this is a new one and it is ccooool!

blueladie zei

Wow! Beautiful quilt square! :) Cathryn

Erna zei

Beautiful and all created with Brumelda's help