vrijdag 6 augustus 2010

4. Fresh and fruity ...

Yesterday I made the SBS BOW block of this week: N-8 Double Nine Patch.

"That are so many little pieces", Brumelda said.
"Yes I know Brumelda, that little piece that is already made is only 2 x 2 inch and I must 4 more of these".

"You picked a nice fabric for it with all the fruit on it Carin, but by looking at it, I feel a bit hungry".

"Here is a bowl with watermelon parts. But don't eat them all because I want some too Brumelda".

I'm going to sew the pieces together but after awhile I hear something: "oh .. oh .. my belly".

"Ohh Brumelda, you didn't ?? You don't eat so much watermelon if you have such a little belly. Come here and lay down on my cuttingmat and I will give you a blanket. Try to get some sleep and when you are awake hopefully the pain is gone".

Later that night I have finished the block and Burmelda is still sleeping. So I'm going to wait with taking the picture of the block because I know how much so want to be on that photo with the block.

This morning when we where awake I ask if her belly is alright. "Yes, I'm glad my belly is okay now. Can we go on with the block ?"

"Brumelda I finished the block last night, but I have waited with taking a picture. So if you feel fresh and fruity you can sit with the block".

I lay down the block and Brumelda jumps on the cuttingmat.
"Say Carin, that block with all that fruit would be a perfect tablecloth for my kitchentable".

"I now Brumelda".
(I think I'm going to put this block in a locked case before she takes it).

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  1. Such nice pieces! I LOVE Brumelda's commentary! :) Cathryn

  2. LOL Carin, I am so enjoying Brumeldas quilting adventure.
    The square looks very pretty.

  3. Beautiful fabric you chose for this block.

  4. Het wordt gewoonweg prachtig Carin, lekker zo'n snoeperig hulpje


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