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zaterdag 28 augustus 2010

11. Brumelda on the edge ...

"Oh yes another block to be made Carin. Does this one also have a pretty name?

 Yes brumelda, this block is named: Tumbling Blocks".

"Tumbling blocks ...hmmm ... did you know I can make a somersault".

"You better watch out whit that, making somerfaults near the edge of the table". 

Brumelda is busy making somerfaults and I stitch all the pieces together.

BOOM  sounds it suddenly and I look up.What was that?
"Au, au ... my head, ... au ... my arm ..".

Oh my ... this is not happening. But yes ... Brumelda is lying down on the floor. Even Bowy is coming to take a look, because he is worried.

"Oh Brumelda, I told you so not to make somerfaults so near by the edge of the table". 

My husband is taking care of Brumelda while I finish the block.

"Are you okay Brumelda?".

"Yes Carin, I will be fine. Michiel has taking good care of me".

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2 opmerkingen:

bianca zei

Ja, es darf auch mal was auf dem Kopf stehen. Wer sagt denn, dass immer alles auf den Füssen stehen muss.

Anoniem zei

Oh poor little Brumelda !! Such a luck she had a good doctor nearby ; )
The block looks fantastic.
Have a great day !!