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vrijdag 14 mei 2010

Village in a pillow

Today I made a pillow with the village sampler
I have chosen for a blue fabric

Yesterday I was at my local needlecraftshop and saw soem beautiful little scissors,
they where 4 inch long and have a flower print.
I bought the lila scissor

13 opmerkingen:

Annie zei

Perfect pillow finish. I love the backing fabric. And that is one adorable scissors!

Erna zei

Een superkussen, en wat een schattig schaartje.

Jane zei

Lovely choice of fabric - it matches beautifully, you must be so pleased with the finished piece.
I have no decorative scissors like that, they're really pretty, what a wonderful find x x x

Deb zei

Your pillow finish is just perfect. Love the fabric that you used to back it - goes perfectly with the design.

Love those scissors too!

Lesleyanne zei

The backing fabric is perfect. A lovely finish. Gorgeous scissors.

blueladie zei

I LOVE the pilow! It's beautiful. What a nice way to finish the piece. Sweet scissors. Nice find. :)

Lynn B zei

Absolutely gorgeous pillow! You have some lovely finishes on your blog, it was a pleasure to visit!

Villa-loredana zei

Thanks for sharing foto of your wanderfool works with us dear Carin, especially the big sleeper and great swimmer, but I'll vote for the stach you have choose for quilting project. Regards from Loredana, I'll be back. Have a nice weekend.

cuori e perline zei

Carin, I think that all things are in your blog are beautiful!
The pillow and what can I tell your about the scissors?!
They're wonderful!
Hi from Italy

Irene zei

Gorgeous pillow !

Elaine zei

Your pillow is just gorgeous Carin.
Perfect backing fabric and those scissors are really pretty.

Carol zei

Gorgeous. Love all the little houses.

Paula zei

Love your pillow, such great patience, and details. Great Job, and Thank you for joining me in my challenge. I hope you can come back and join in again.