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zaterdag 25 november 2017

Alistair Alligator

Op dag 23 zien we Alistair Alligator. Hij staat nooit lang stil, want hij is altijd veel te druk bezig met snowboarden. De advent animals zijn freebies van Brooke's Books (klik).

On day 23 we see Alistair Alligator.  He never stands still for a long time, he is always too busy with snowboarding. The advent animals are freebies from Brooke's Books (click).

5 opmerkingen:

Kate zei

Oh my goodness - you are speedy! These characters are just so darn cute.

Sjoukje zei

Ik vind ze zo leuk! Helemaal door jouw blogjes geïnspireerd ga ik nu ook beginnen. Katie Kitty, here she comes!

Anoniem zei

lol he is a happy character Carin,well done my friend xx

Brigitte zei

I love these advent animals by Brook's Books. I haven't stitched any so far but have the freebie designs in my folder. They are all so funny. You have already stitched many of them.

Vickie zei

Oh how very cute!