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zondag 5 september 2010

With Brumelda to the quiltshop ..

Today Brumelda was going with us to a shop in Germany, not far from us. The Log Cabin in Hillensberg had a open house to show the new quilting fabrics, its one of my favorite quiltshop.

"Carin you always say that Jacqueline from The Log Cabin has so many beautiful fabrics, but I find them boring".

"Brumelda that aren't quiltfabric, that is batting. Look here are the fabrics, aren't they beautiful?".
"Ohhh ... hihi ... yes these fabrics I like".

"Pssttt ... Carin ... is that Ellen? Ellen from Ellie's Quiltplace? Can you introduce me because I love reading her weblog  (its in Dutch and English) and she has so lovely quiltdesigns and freebies".

"Hi Ellen, we are Carin en Michiel and this is Brumelda. She realy wants to meet you because she is a great fan of you".

Brumelda jumps onto Ellen's shoulder and they start a little conversation. I don't know if they are talking about a new quilt design, it was very secret.

"Look at this table, its very large and Jacqueline cuts all the quiltfabric here".

"Ohhh I have seen so many fabrics, I'm dizzy. I even look double because I see two Jacquelines overthere".
No Brumelda, that is Jacqueline with her twin sister Sandra".

After alot of chatting with Ellen and her mother Yvonne (who also quilts) and drinking coffee and tea in the garden, Jacqueline made a photo with all 5 of us in it.
From left to right
Carin, Yvonne, Brumelda, Ellen and Michiel (Carin's Husband)

When we got home Brumelda wanted to show the things I bought;
a calender 2011 from Lang, 2 spools silk thread, 2 hearts (and another 2 for a special friend :-) ), a pincushion in the form of a strawberry which sharpens your needles, and 3 different fabrics for ....

a quilt with the name: When the frost is on the pumpkin. Carin bought this book some years ago and has collected all the fabric for the pumpkins but she still had no background and fabric for the borders. Now she has :-)

And look what Carin and Michiel got from Ellen and her mother Yvonne. A pinchusion with their letter on it.

And they didn't know of each other that they had made pincushions, because Carin had made 3 pincushions as well, one for Jacqueline, Ellen and Yvonne.
Carin used the same pattern (freebie from The workbasket) but stitched them with 3 different colors. The threads are from Nina and the colors used are:  Orange Rust, Copper Leaf and Autumn Forest.

And here you can see who picked which pincushion

4 opmerkingen:

Nina zei

What a fantastic shop can it be :) I can't do quilts, but love those wonderful textiles :)
Good to see you had fun time with friend! :)
Brumelda is sooo lovely :)
And your pillows are awesoe!


Carin zei

The pillows are so beautiful because of your threads Nina !!! I love them !!

Patti zei

That shop looks amazing and I wish I could go. I'm so happy for you that you had such a great time with your friend and I love everything you have posted.
Lots of Love
Patti xxx

Erna zei

Je hebt dus een gezellige dag gehad, mooie stoffen....