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maandag 27 september 2010

21. Nice hearts ...

"Carin what a lovely fabric you have for this block ... a fabric with many hearts. What is the name for this SBS block?".

"The name for this block is I-1 True Lover's Knot and I think that the fabric with the hearts is perfect for it".

"I almost like it so much as the candy hearts you have always on the table".

"I like these candy hearts very much and there are Yummie, they also have great words written on it !".

"Don't eat to much of them Brumelda because your belly will be in pain".

"No, no, I only eat a little bit. Look I found one with a word that is made for you and me".

"That heart has the word LEUK (that means NICE) on it, why is that made for you and me?".

"Because I find it so NICE that I can live with you and Michiel and I think you like it too?".

"Yes we are glad you live with us and you are such a pretty little witch. And you love sit by the blocks I made, so come on ... because my block is ready".

"Okay here I come ... with the candy hearts and you can see I didn't eat them all. Good of me isn't it?".

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1 opmerking:

Anne Ida zei

You and Carin has made yet another beautiful block, Brumelda! And those candy hearts look yummy ;o)

Congratulations on your win, Carin! You deserve the beautiful pin!