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maandag 26 april 2010

Village sampler row 4

The last few days I didn't stitch alot because my mother in law was here to stay for a couple of days to visit and we had a great time !

I have stitch row 4, the next row I will stitch are the last houses

and half of the outer border

Yesterday we did go to a fle market and I saw there a very nice house ... a NUT house, squirels all over it and I loved it, so the nut house was going home with us :)

I also bought a new camera which is coming tomorrow. With my old one I couldn't make any beautiful close-ups but with the new camera I can, so next time (I hope) I can place even better pictures !

11 opmerkingen:

Erna zei

Jeetje Carin wat wordt hij mooi zeg, echt prachtig.En je Nut House is ook schattig

Lesleyanne zei

It's looking lovely.

Ranae zei

Your WIP is looking great.
Cute flea market find.
Enjoy your new camera

Deb zei

I really love your WIP. And I like your flea market find. Nut house would definitely fit into ours because there are so many things going on all the time I think of it as a nut house!

Can't wait to see pictures with your new camera.

Elaine zei

Your wip is looking fab Carin.
Love the nuthouse!

Ricki zei

Your sampler is beautiful
I love this house sampler

blueladie zei

The 4th row looks great. I love it. It's looking so pretty.
:) Cathryn

Anoniem zei

Hoi Carin,
de huisjes zijn echt heel erg mooi. Ik vind de nut house echt heel erg leuk ; )
Ik hoop dat alles goed met je gaat ???
In de tussentijd heb ik Amethystiana opgedoekt, maar ik ben bezig met een nieuw blogje: Anna Parenna, dat is alleen nog niet klaar, maar wel in de maak ; )
Een hele fijne dag !!!

ps: als je nog leuke boekentips hebt, dan hoor ik het graag. Ik zit weer verlegen om een goed boek.
Heel veel groetjes

Carin zei

Moncha als je dit leest stuur me dan even een mailtje. Ik heb wat boekentips voor je :)

Vicki in CO zei

I love the row house sampler you are doing! I tried to make sense out of the page where you can order it, but couldn't get it to translate into English! I'd love to do this one--it would make a wonderful pillow for our living room.

I just love your blog and your stitching projects!

Carin zei

Vicky I send you an email because the pattern is also for sale in America