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woensdag 14 april 2010

Mystery of the antique iron

Many of you where wondering what I was going to do with the antique iron.
(each photo you can enlarge by clicking on it)

Okay here we go ...

You take:
an antique iron
a pattern called L'Atelier de Zélie from C Mon Monde  
(search on google and you will find many shops who have this chart)
40 count stitching fabric (I used evenwaeve Orion cream)
threads mentioned on the chart
some little pieces of fabric (for the mini quilt)
ribbon or lace
button (I used a button in the shape of a scissor)
little piece fiberfill
two-size tape
magnet strip (which stick on iron, many have them for show on the refrigerator)
2 little clothe pins ( My DH made them from matches)
1 pin

Stitch the pattern, this is realy fun to do

Look at her hair, that are french knots. I think it looks realy cute.

Make a mini quilt, its only 2 1/2" long

Attach the quilt to the stitching part and at the bottom of your stitching piece you sew a piece of ribbon or lace.

Draw the bottom of the antique iron on cardboard and cut it out. Put the two-size tape on it. Lay on the other side the fiberfill and your stitchingpart en fold the fabric to the back and stick it on the tape. Attach the button on top and it should look like this.

Take the magnet strip and glue it on the back of the cardboard.

Put the clothe pins on the quilt, stick the pin at the bottom through the stitching fabric and then the fun part .... just hold it to the back of the iron and it will stick !

Isn't it great ?? I realy like it.

If you don't want to use a magnet strip you can always glue the cardboard on the iron, but I used a magnetstrip so maybe in the future I can change the stitching part and put a different stitching on the antique iron.
But for now I'm going to enjoy this one !!

I hope you enjoyed the story of the mystery of the antique iron :) For me it was fun to read that you all where so curious.

34 opmerkingen:

staci zei

Love it! Such a creative finish. I have some antique irons myself :)

dixiesamplar zei

What a creative and adorable idea Carin! And, I love a good, where did I put Grandma's old iron??


Tricia zei

Brilliant! What an adorable finish!!

Meari zei

Very cool! I had an idea that it had something to do with the shape of the iron, but after that no clue. :)

Gayle zei

Carin, that is wonderful. I would never had thought to do such a thing. This is so creative and original. What a fun mystery solved.


What a wonderful idea Carin, I LOVE it, it's so creative. Love the little sewing machine, the pattern is perfect for the iron. Smiles....

Lesleyanne zei

That is truly amazing. Wha a clever idea.

Marion zei

Carin its awesome! Remember that Dutch commercial? "Ik wil 't, ik wil 't ik wil 't." Thats going through my mind now I want it! :)))

BeckySC zei

I LOVE it, Carin :) Great job :)

Erna zei

Wow Carin this is absolutely gorgeous, love it

Cyndi Harris ~ zei

Such a cute idea!!

Elaine zei

Wow Carin that is just adorable, congratulations on such a stunning finish!

Villa-loredana zei

Dear, I think that you make a great think, and that cross stitch and the old iron make a perfect simbiosy and represent your hobby and love for it. Really great idea. Regards. Loredana

Anoniem zei

That is a beautiful piece & what a great idea for the finish!!!! I like the magnet idea. Thanks for sharing.
Betty in AZ (ILCS)

Mylene zei

Very creative, Carin. Thanks for sharing.

Myra zei

That is so cute! Now I'll be looking for an antique iron. :o)

Ranae zei

What an awesome creative idea. I love the iron and the pattern is perfect for it.

Vicki in CO zei

This is just wonderful! Guess I'll be going to flea markets soon....

Karen zei

That is great! Wonderful finish.

Nina zei

Wow!! Carin, this is so wonderful work! What a brilliant idea :))

Michelle zei

That is such a beautiful finish!

Debra zei

So creative!!! Love it.

Lynn zei

This is such a great idea! I have THREE of those antique irons sitting around the house from my mother in law! Hmmm..wonder if my hubby will let me do this with them?? LOL

Cheryl zei

Oh wow! This is amazing! So creative, i love it

Dani - tkdchick zei

Oooh how clever!!! It looks great!

Patti zei

Just love it. Such a great idea of putting the magnetic strip on the stitching to attach it to the iron.
Patti xxx

Nadia zei

I know very well this pattern!
Wonderful job!!
Happy Stitching and good WE

Marion zei

Okay.. I totally blame you. But I found an iron... or 3.. on Queens Day :)

clob zei

simply so beautiful finishes !

~*Shar*~ zei

This is GREAT!!! I love the idea, I'm on a hunt for an old iron now!! LOL

Carol zei

What a fabulous idea. Very creative.

Paula zei


This is such a great idea. I just love it, you are so very talented and clever.

Thank you for entering in my sewing challenge, and good luck.

Hope to see you agin for more challenges.


A Girl zei

I love this! What a great way to display your work.

501 Quilt Blocks zei

What a great idea! I love it!