Tuesday, September 28, 2010

22 and 23. By post or owl ?

"I know why you choose this fabric for your block A-3 Bright Hopes Carin".

"Oh do you and why did I choose that one?".

"Well ... two weeks ago you have made a pincushion for the pincushion swap on Jeannet's blog and now you hope that the mailman does his work okay and will deliver the pincushion safe. Maybe you should have Wisely, my owl, bring it".

"I know Wisely does a good job, but somethings when he sees a mouse, he will drop the envelop and goes after the mouse. So ... no thank you".

"Oh well ... if the pincushion get lost we can always take another one from these, because we have lotts of them".

"Noooo Brumelda, we can't because most of these where gifts from friends. So put them back where you took them and come sit by my block, because I have finished it".

"Just wait a second Carin".


"Just look .... if the pincushion gets lost we just make a new one, because we have filling stuff enough".

"Ohh Brumelda, I have enough hope that it will be okay and the pincushion will arrive safely".

"I love your next block too and it has a nice name too: A-1 Mosaic No.3. Oh I have an idea. Can you take a picture of me please?".

"Sure I can Brumelda, come sit on the gardentable by the pumpkin. Smile at the camera".

"Can you put the picture on your pc?".

"Yes I can, but what are you going to do with it?".

"I love the picture very much. Now can you open the program Paintshop-Pro for me please. I'm going to photoshop my picture".

I open the program for her and continue with my block. Its a very easy block this time. I hear Brumelda laughing.
"And is it working Brumelda?".

"I'm doing great", she says and a moment later the printer is running.

"Look Carin, I have made a Brusaic and put it in my photoalbum".

"A Brusaic ?".

"Yes ... thats a mosaic of myself hihihi".

"You did a great job. Too bad you put it in your album because you could have hold it in your hands when you sit by my block".

"But we have mosaic enough Carin, just wait ....".

"Well ... surprise me Brumelda".

"BOO .... ! Hihihihihi".

Monday, September 27, 2010

21. Nice hearts ...

"Carin what a lovely fabric you have for this block ... a fabric with many hearts. What is the name for this SBS block?".

"The name for this block is I-1 True Lover's Knot and I think that the fabric with the hearts is perfect for it".

"I almost like it so much as the candy hearts you have always on the table".

"I like these candy hearts very much and there are Yummie, they also have great words written on it !".

"Don't eat to much of them Brumelda because your belly will be in pain".

"No, no, I only eat a little bit. Look I found one with a word that is made for you and me".

"That heart has the word LEUK (that means NICE) on it, why is that made for you and me?".

"Because I find it so NICE that I can live with you and Michiel and I think you like it too?".

"Yes we are glad you live with us and you are such a pretty little witch. And you love sit by the blocks I made, so come on ... because my block is ready".

"Okay here I come ... with the candy hearts and you can see I didn't eat them all. Good of me isn't it?".

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

20. Needle in a haystack ..

While I'm busy with working on my 20th block Brumelda is singing:

"Old MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O
And on his farm he had a cow, E-I-E-I-O
With a moo-moo here, and a moo-moo there
Here a moo, there a moo
Everywhere a moo-moo
Old MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O ...

"This song is perfect for this bloc Carin"

"Yes that is correct Brumelda because the name of the block is J-3 Farmer's Daughter"

"Do you know what else fits this block? .... Playing in the haystack".

"Hi, hi Brumelda, doesn't that tickle?"

"No not at all and it is warm in the haystack.... AUWWWWW ....".

"What is it Brumelda, are you okay?".

"Well .. you know the saying: Looking for a needle in a haystack and I just found it ... sticking in my hand".   

"Normaly it is very hard to find a needle in a haystack brumelda, but you found it. Just your luck. Come and sit by the block I finished".

"Okay Carin and then we will sing together the song of Old McDonald".

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Brumelda's pleasure and again surgery Michiel

"Ohh you have choosen again nice colors for this block Carin, what is the name of this block?".

"This is L-2 Mother's favorite".

"So this is the favorite block from mother, well ... I have a favorite too".

"Brumelda there are no quiltblocks lying in the cookiesbox. Go find your favroite because I have finish my block and want to take a picture".

"Hihi Carin, my favorite isn't a quiltblock, but a peanutcookie. They are so yummie !!".

"That was so yummie, put the cookiesbox away because otherwise I will eat them all".

I put the cookiesbox away and are cutting the fabric for my next block. When that is done, I begin with piecing the block together.

"Carin what is the name of this block because you didn't mentioned that".

"This block has the name: D-3 Mother's delight".

"Again a mother's block? Do you know what gives me pleasure? Walking in the woods with Michiel, you and Bowy. Sitting on the bench with Michiel and enjoying the sounds of nature".

"May I take the chestnuts and pine cones that I found in the forrest and put them beside me when you are taking the picture of your next block?"

"Come on Brumelda, go sit there and I will take a picture".

"You can call this block also Brumelda's Delight".

"Dream on Brumelda".


Some of you have ask me how Michiel is doing after his surgery last july. Well ... its not good. The knee was still giving hem troubles and today we had to go back to the doctor to see if he can do something about it.
there is going to be another surgery, this time a large surgery. In a knee there are two ligaments and Michiel has only 1, because the other is snapped. So know they are going to put a new one in the knee. (I hope I can explain this in English) They will take  something from the upper leg (Musculus semimembranosus) and place that in the knee as a new ligament.
The revalidation afterwards will takes months but hopefully Michiel knee will turn out as new :-)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Last week I got the newest threads from Nina and I love them !!
I couldn't wait to stitch something with the new colors, so I stitch again 2 pincushions with the same pattern as the last ones. Thats a freebie from The workbasket.

This one I stitched for a friend with the thread Pumpkin

and I stitched another one for myself with the color Wild Plum

Ohhh I love these threads !! Thank you Nina for dyeing such lovely colors.

Friday, September 10, 2010

16 and 17. Brumelda takes it one step higher ..

"We have made already a lot of blocks Carin, which one are we going to make today?".

"We are going to make B-1 Stamp Baskets, a block with 4 little baskets".

"Why don't I have a basket? You have many baskets. In 1 basket you save the SBS blocks which are already finished. I'm going to count them and see if all are in the basket".

"Okay Brumelda, but watch out that you don't fall in because you can't get out".

"Yes, yes ... I will watch out, you know me".

Yes I know here so I let her. I'm busy with the block and the little baskets looks great.

Suddenly I hear .... BOOM ....and I look up to see where Brumelda is.

"" Brumelda where are you?".

"Ohhh ... I'm here ... at the bottom of the basket. I fell in".

"I told you so to watch out. You can be glad that there are quiltblocks lying in there, so the fall wasn't hard. Come here so I will take you out and you can sit by my block because I have finish it".

"Thanks carin for helping me. I have to think about something so that I can climb out of the basket .... for if I fall in it again hihihi".

"When you are thinking of that, I'm going to begin with my next block; J-8 Jacob's Ladder".

"Yessss .... that is it ! I'm in the garden Carin".
And of she is ... I think I must make this block all alone, she is not going to help me.

"Carinnnnn .... do you think I can use some bamboo from Michiel?".

"Yes you can but what are you going to use it for?".

"I will show you later Carin, you better finish your Jacob's ladder".

I hear her busy with a hammer and saw.

"Do you like Burmelda's ladder?"" , she ask when she is coming in and walks to the basket, "Now I can climb out of the basket myself".

"What a great idea Brumelda. What gave you that idea?".

"Well I always have great idea's don't I ?".

"It seems so. Bring your ladder with you so I can make the picture of my Jacob's Ladder".

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

12, 13, 14 and 15. Being busy ...

"I'm glad you finished the pincushions Carin. Now we can go on with the SBS blocks. Which block are we going to make?".

"This time it is I-3 Dutchman's Puzzle".

"Ohh great, I love to puzzle. Do you have a jigsaw puzzle Carin?".

"No Brumelda I don't. When the kids were younger I had some, but now I haven't any. I do have another sort of puzzle you can do.... a Sudoku".

"A what ? Sukusoduko? What's that? Let me see".

While Burmelda is looking at the Sudoka puzzle, I'm busy with the last pieces of my block. But I think Brumelda doesn't how to make that puzzle, because suddently I hear her stumble with my color pencils.

"Brumelda, are you coming? I have finish the block".

"Here I am Carin and I have made my own Dutchman's Puzzle".

"We did finish the BOW block in time Carin, that was a close call".

"Yes we did Brumelda. I don't know what the BOW block will be this week, so we are going to make another one; K-1 Road to Oklahoma".

"Must I help with that block Carin, because if  I don't, I will start the engine in the meantime".

 Before I can answer, I hear the engine of a car and see that Brumelda is riding in the garden with her car.

I think I don't get any help from her so I continue with my block. I hear her laughing when the birds flying away when she is coming with her car.

"By careful Brumelda, that you do not disturb the birds".

"Yesss I will ..., I'm almost in Oklahoma hihihi. If you finish your block I will be right there with you".

She didn't see that I have finish the block already and when I'm busy with putting the block down for taking a picture, she is there with her car.

"Okay Brumelda, just park the car here with the block and I will make the photo".

I just read about the new BOW block for this week and I see it is N-10 Diamond Friendship. Lynda have picked this block to thank Debbie who has stopped with picking the BOW blocks. She has done it for 2 years and now Lynda is going to do that.

"Friendship is such a nice thing Carin. May I invite my friend today?".

"Yes Brumelda, you may invite your friend Pumpcat".

When Pumpcat arrive they are going to play and I don't hear them anymore. I'm working on the diamond friendship and its going good, its a easy block.

"Carinnnn ... can you make a picture of Pumpcat and me please?".

"This is going to be a nice picture for in your photoalbum Brumelda".

"Now you can play together and I will finish the block. I will call you both when it is time for the photo".
Still 2 triangles to sew .....

"Brumelda ... Pumpcat ... are you coming?".

They are going to sit by the block and Brumelda is holding the beautiful roses she has recieved from Pumpcat, her friend. 
"Friendship is the most beautiful thing".
"Yes it is Brumelda".

When Pumpcat is going home I ask Brumelda if she want to make another block.

"Okay and which one is it going to be?"

"It is another easy block; F-3 Bow Tie".

"Well ... if it's a easy block I don't have to help you? Because then I'm going to make a bow tie for me. Where is the box with all the ribbons Carin?".

"Here is the box Brumelda, which color do you choose?".

"There are so many beautiful colors, which one will I pick. Maybe blue ... yellow .... or orange? Ohhh I see a color I want. I'm going to make a red one".

While I'm busy with my block, Brumelda is busy making her bow tie and we are ready at the same time.

"You have made a beautiful red bow tie Brumelda".

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

With Brumelda to the quiltshop ..

Today Brumelda was going with us to a shop in Germany, not far from us. The Log Cabin in Hillensberg had a open house to show the new quilting fabrics, its one of my favorite quiltshop.

"Carin you always say that Jacqueline from The Log Cabin has so many beautiful fabrics, but I find them boring".

"Brumelda that aren't quiltfabric, that is batting. Look here are the fabrics, aren't they beautiful?".
"Ohhh ... hihi ... yes these fabrics I like".

"Pssttt ... Carin ... is that Ellen? Ellen from Ellie's Quiltplace? Can you introduce me because I love reading her weblog  (its in Dutch and English) and she has so lovely quiltdesigns and freebies".

"Hi Ellen, we are Carin en Michiel and this is Brumelda. She realy wants to meet you because she is a great fan of you".

Brumelda jumps onto Ellen's shoulder and they start a little conversation. I don't know if they are talking about a new quilt design, it was very secret.

"Look at this table, its very large and Jacqueline cuts all the quiltfabric here".

"Ohhh I have seen so many fabrics, I'm dizzy. I even look double because I see two Jacquelines overthere".
No Brumelda, that is Jacqueline with her twin sister Sandra".

After alot of chatting with Ellen and her mother Yvonne (who also quilts) and drinking coffee and tea in the garden, Jacqueline made a photo with all 5 of us in it.
From left to right
Carin, Yvonne, Brumelda, Ellen and Michiel (Carin's Husband)

When we got home Brumelda wanted to show the things I bought;
a calender 2011 from Lang, 2 spools silk thread, 2 hearts (and another 2 for a special friend :-) ), a pincushion in the form of a strawberry which sharpens your needles, and 3 different fabrics for ....

a quilt with the name: When the frost is on the pumpkin. Carin bought this book some years ago and has collected all the fabric for the pumpkins but she still had no background and fabric for the borders. Now she has :-)

And look what Carin and Michiel got from Ellen and her mother Yvonne. A pinchusion with their letter on it.

And they didn't know of each other that they had made pincushions, because Carin had made 3 pincushions as well, one for Jacqueline, Ellen and Yvonne.
Carin used the same pattern (freebie from The workbasket) but stitched them with 3 different colors. The threads are from Nina and the colors used are:  Orange Rust, Copper Leaf and Autumn Forest.

And here you can see who picked which pincushion

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Working on the Amish circle quilt

Last year I bought the book:
The Amish Circle Quilt

I loved that quilt/book immediality, because I read alot about the Amish and their livestyle. As a pagan I'm interesting in all kind of religions. This quilt has so many beautiful blocks and the letters written by each block makes it even more interesting.

About the book:
There are 11 Amish women (Rachel, Lydiann, Martha, Rebecca, Lavina, Edna, Frieda, Lavern, Ida, Regina and Miriam) who send a circle letter to each other for many years and now they have decided that when they sent their circle letter, they will enclose a 6' quilt block pertaining to something that happened in their lives during the week.

When I bought the book I had search for all my solid fabrics and came up with this color scheme for the quilt

I made block 1 right after I got the book.
(With each block I write a line from the circle letter, so you know why that block was choosen by one of the Amish women. I can't write more about these letters because of copyright.)

Block 1 - The Picnic
Rachel included that pattern on may 15 because she had that week a picnic.

Because I was making more quilts and cross stitch pieces at that time, I stopped with making more blocks. Till last weekend ... I thought that beside the SBS quilt I can make 1 or 2 blocks of the Amish quilt a week. So I'm going to work on blocks for the SBS and the Amish circle quilt every week.

Last weekend I made 3 blocks for the Amish circle quilt and i realy enjoy working with the solid fabrics.

Block 2 - Fruit Trees
Lydiann writes on may 29 that her fruit trees are in bloom and it looks like she will have lots of apples and pears later that season.

Block 3 - Collecting Eggs
Martha writes on june 12 that Little Marlin and Vernon have collecting eggs and they only broke one egg.

Block 4 - Canning
June 19: Rebecca has alot of beans and peas from her garden and now she is busy with them canning in the kitchen.