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vrijdag 17 december 2010

Not so good news and some gifts ...

Okay I shall begin with the not so good news :-)

As some of you still know, I had a Hysterectomy 1 year ago because they found bad cells there. After the surgery they examin everything, also the cutting edges, and the edges where clean. I had to come after a year for a new test to see if the edges still where clean.

So 10 days ago I had the new test and the doctor would call me today with the test results. This afternoon the doctor called to say that they have seen NEW bad cells. He was going to speak with the doctor from pathology to see where they are coming from and that he would call again later today.

Laat afternoon he called again to say that I must go to the hospital again next thursday (dec 23) for a little operation and he is going to take a little cut there where the bad cells are and that piece will be examin. When they have the test results back I'm going to hear what they are going to do.
I keep being positive and do alot of stitching now :-)and I will keep you updated how everything goes.
But there was also very nice news today because the postman came and gave me a present that was from Nina. She had send me a wonderful christmas present and I realy like it !! 
 There where cookies cutters and I love them, especialy that gingerbread men ... he's so cute !!! Teusday I'm going to back some cookies for Yule and I'm going to use that one then. And then there was that beautiful stone heart with very nice decoration, I have it hanging it the tree already and it looks so pretty. But Nina also send some of her cookies and look how wonderful they are. 

I hope mine cookies on teusday will look just as beautiful as hers :-)
 Nina thanks again for this present, it made my day !!

Yesterday there came another present from my Belgium friend Iris, she had make me a wonderful ornament of a pattern of Stacy Nash. Look how beautiful it is ...


And I got news that some of my presents where delivered so I can show them now.
First there was my present for Jacqueline, I made her a christmas ornament from Pineberry Lane, called Xmas, stitched with Nina's Threads (color Jingle Bells)

And for a christmas exchange I made the ornaments from Plum Pudding Needleart called: Candy Cane Wishes. I made it into a long christmashanger with a little christmasbell on the bottom.

And then there was the little robin this afternoon, he/she was eating of the birdfood in the garden and I took a picture of it. I love that little bird !! 

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Ranae zei

oh! I am so sorry to hear there are new bad cells, I will keep you in my thoughta and prayers.
Cookies look too good to eat, lol
Love the christmas hanger and beautiful ornie from Iris
Take Care!!!

Lisa V zei

Here's hoping that your tests come back ok.
Your ornie's are all lovely.

Cyndi zei

Oh Hun I am so sorry of your doctor news. I'll keep you in my prayers for a clean and quick recovery. Such nice gifts you received and your ornaments are lovely!

Colleen zei

Please know you will be in my heart on Thursday. Keep your needle, crossing stitches & enjoy your cookies. Love the ornies.

Take Care

Lesleyanne zei

Sending best wishes for Thursday. Ornaments sent and received are gorgeous. Love the cookies.

Ineke zei

I am so sorry to hear you have got such bad news from the doctor.
Heel veel sterkte!

La Uina zei

let's keep your hope and be positive.
I'll pray for you


Anoniem zei

Dear Carin,
I'm sorry to hear your news, but I will think of you being well and whole. How lovely that you've received so many pretty presents. I'll be thinking of you on the 23rd. Stay positive! xox

Joy zei

Carin, you are in my prayers. Stay positive! :-) Your gingerbread collection is absolutely adorable!

vitadolce63 zei

Good luck for thursday, your works are beautiful! Greatings and Merry Christmas from Italy,Annavita

Missy zei

My thoughts and prayers are with you. I will be thinking of you next week. Stay strong and think positive.


KarenV zei

Lovely ornaments! I'm sorry to hear that your test results weren't good, keeping my fingers crossed that the surgery goes well and sorts out the problem.

Needled Mom zei

I will keep postive thoughts and prayers going your way for the testing this week. We never like to get calls from our doctors with news like that.

I love all of the wonderful projects though. Those cookies do look yummy and I'll bet they smelled great when cooking.

Carin zei

What a bad news, I will think of you next Thursday!
Keep us updated.

Lovely gifts.

Annie zei

Sending good thoughts your way for a positive outcome.

Lovely gifts and ornaments. Have fun with the new cookie cutters.

Karen zei

Carin, I'm so sorry you received bad news from the doctor. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and hope you get good news after the procedure to check the cells. Please try to think positive thoughts as you await the procedure.

Take care.


Erna zei

Oh Carin wat een naar nieuws, ik ga vanaf nu ontzettend zitten duimen en ik hoop dat het roodborstje je alle geluk in de wereld is komen brengen.
Je presentjes moeten een welkom geschenk zijn geweest...die koekjes zien er heerlijk uit...
Liefs en een fijne zondag...
Veel sterkte voor jou en Michiel

Thearica zei

I am sending lots of good wishes your way Carin! Stay positive!

grami zei

Hi! I am visiting from Holly Jolly Blog Bingo, Blog Roll. Sorry to hear about your bad news. Keep positive and I will keep you in my t's and p's.
Your site is wonderful.
Happy Holidays and stay positive.
gramisews at gmail dot com

Binky's Blog zei

Sorry to hear about your medical tests. Sending you many good thoughts and prayers your way to help get rid of those bad cells.
Take care
Brenda J

Micki zei

Sending you prayers and wishing that you have good news.
Keep your chin up!

Villa-loredana zei

Sorry to read about bad news, best wishes for thursday that all is going ok, be posotive as much as you can, because it always bring good results. Well, the smile is so cute, the same but in the cat version is by us. All the best from Loredana

Diane zei

I hope your procedure is successful and leads to a full recovery, Carin. You'll be in my thoughts.

Love the gifts you received and sent, and the little bird who is braving the cold weather.