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vrijdag 10 september 2010

16 and 17. Brumelda takes it one step higher ..

"We have made already a lot of blocks Carin, which one are we going to make today?".

"We are going to make B-1 Stamp Baskets, a block with 4 little baskets".

"Why don't I have a basket? You have many baskets. In 1 basket you save the SBS blocks which are already finished. I'm going to count them and see if all are in the basket".

"Okay Brumelda, but watch out that you don't fall in because you can't get out".

"Yes, yes ... I will watch out, you know me".

Yes I know here so I let her. I'm busy with the block and the little baskets looks great.

Suddenly I hear .... BOOM ....and I look up to see where Brumelda is.

"" Brumelda where are you?".

"Ohhh ... I'm here ... at the bottom of the basket. I fell in".

"I told you so to watch out. You can be glad that there are quiltblocks lying in there, so the fall wasn't hard. Come here so I will take you out and you can sit by my block because I have finish it".

"Thanks carin for helping me. I have to think about something so that I can climb out of the basket .... for if I fall in it again hihihi".

"When you are thinking of that, I'm going to begin with my next block; J-8 Jacob's Ladder".

"Yessss .... that is it ! I'm in the garden Carin".
And of she is ... I think I must make this block all alone, she is not going to help me.

"Carinnnnn .... do you think I can use some bamboo from Michiel?".

"Yes you can but what are you going to use it for?".

"I will show you later Carin, you better finish your Jacob's ladder".

I hear her busy with a hammer and saw.

"Do you like Burmelda's ladder?"" , she ask when she is coming in and walks to the basket, "Now I can climb out of the basket myself".

"What a great idea Brumelda. What gave you that idea?".

"Well I always have great idea's don't I ?".

"It seems so. Bring your ladder with you so I can make the picture of my Jacob's Ladder".

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Hoi Carin, ik heb me eigenlijk nooit bedacht dat er zoveel blocken nodig zijn om een mooi quilt te maken, je bent lekker bezig zo, met je hulpje....