zondag 18 april 2010

Village sampler row 1

First I want to thank you all for the lovely comments on the antique iron.

Yes I know ... I should have been stitching on the next gingerbread but I wanted to make a pillow first and because I couldn't find a perfect stitching for it in my stash that was finished, I decied to stitch this village sampler that will make a great pillow.

The pattern is called Le village d'Anne and its from Tournicoton.
There are 6 rows in it:
3 rows with houses, flowers and trees
3 rows with the alphabet and numbers
I'm stitching this on light blue jobelan 28 count with DMC

(click photo's to enlarge)

The flowers are blooming in the gardens by the houses.
The next row will be with a part of the alphabet.

In our garden there are also many plants who are blooming.
Thank you all for your lovely comments.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. VS is looking so beautiful :)
    Lovely flower pics as well :)

  2. VS is looking gorgeous. Love the flowers as well. I really love flowers.
    Patti xxx

  3. Hello dear, thanks for coming, and thanks that you also share also very nice flovers from your garden, they are marvelous, and the sampler will be gorgeus, are you cross stitching the flowers from your garden..? and not those chart from france firm, probably they make a copy.
    Nice evening, I'm sawing the curtains finally. Regards. Loredana

  4. Ha die Carin wat een schattige huisjesrij en je bloemen in de tuin zien er ook lekker zomers uit.Geniet ervan

  5. VS is very pretty Carin and what lovely flowers in your garden.

  6. VS is looking great.
    And how pretty your garden grows

  7. What lovely flowers you have in your garden. Mine is a bit empty as i haven't done anything end of last year...have to do something about it soon.

    Your Village sampler is looking great.

  8. Hiiiii,
    hope you're doing OK ?? I love the new embroidery and the flowers are gorgeous. My garden is full of colour too. I love this time of year ; )
    Have a great week.


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