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donderdag 8 april 2010


Villa-loredana has give me this award. Thank you !

Now I have to make a list of 10 things that is making me happy, so here we go ...
1. Cross stitch. I have several favorite designers and one of my favorite theme to stitch is halloween/witches.

2. Quilting. I love to make quilts, mostly bed quilts and I love the fabrics of Moda.

3. Knitting. I always knit my own sweaters and always use 100% cotton yarn.

4. Walking. I love to walk in the woods with DH and our jack russel terriër (Mc) Bowy.

5. Baking. I love to bake and oak-meal cookies are my favorite.

6. Looking at blogs. I love to read on so many blogs and get inspired by many.

7. Meditation. I love to meditate, it is so peaceful.

8. Reading. My  favorite theme to read is mysteries. I have 2 favorite writers, the first who write herbal mysteries is Susan Albert Wittig and the second is Monica Ferris who writes needlecraft mysteries.

9. My kids. I'm  always happy when the kids come over for a visit. My daughter Lindy lives 1 hour drive away from us but my son Niels lives only a 15 minutes drive away.

10. Fle-market. On sundays mostly of the times there is a fle-market in the area and i love to go there, searching for old things.


Also I must give this award to 10 other bloggers and here is the list ... (you can take the photo above and pass it on)








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Siobhan zei

Thank you so much for the award, Carin!! I loved reading about you. :) I love Susan Wittig Albert's mysteries, too. If you enjoy series mysteries (which I love), you should check out Earlene Fowler's Benni Harper series.

Carin zei

Siobhan, thank you for the book tip !!!

Nina zei

Dear Carin,

Thank you so much :) I'm happy to getting this award, and on my next post I'll show and write :) Thank you!


Erna zei

Lieve Carin, dank je voor deze award, zal hem snel posten.
Veel liefs

Elaine zei

Loved reading all about you Carin. Thank you for the award. Hugs!

Patti zei

I just found your blog via Nina's and it is really lovely and is yet another addition to my forever growing bloglist. Your stitching is just gorgeous.
Patti xxx

Carin zei

Please take a look at my blog, you received an award!!!!


Tammy zei

Aw, you are the sweetest thing! Thank you so very much. It was great to read all your answers! :-)


Thanks for passing the award on to me, Carin. I enjoyed reading what makes you happy. Smiles....