woensdag 23 juni 2010

Potpourri quilt row 6

Yes ... I finished row 6. This was the last row and all 30 blocks are done !!
I liked working on these blocks, they where so much fun to do.

In this row there was only one stitching piece;
a sewing machine

On one block came some lace

Here is the last row

A picture of all the 30 blocks together

Currently I'm working on the border. Thats alot of work because the border are many, many little strips sew together. The next few days I'm also going to work on the July ornament of LHN because June is almost over and I want my calendar to be finished at that time.

My summer jasmine is blooming in the garden and it has so many little pink flowers.
And the smell ..... Ohhhh ..... pure jasmine scent is hanging in the air.

Look at all those little pink flowers

And here a photo of Bowy who is enjoying the sun

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  1. Carin your Potpourri quilt is just gorgeous, you are very clever, it really is a stunning piece.
    Bowy is soooo cute, he looks to be a sun-worshipper like Buttons.
    Jasmine is so fragrant, my lounge candles are scented with jasmine and the walls are painted in jasmine white so it's a favourite in our house xxx

  2. Your Potpourri quilt is gorgeous. Lovely photos of your garden and dog.

  3. Welcome to our quilting group. I like your little quilt. Of course I am partial to red. Also the Houses in the sampler and the calendar is so cute. Can you tell me what patterns they are?

    Linda in Indiana

  4. Linda, the calendars are patterns of Little House Needleworks. the houses are a french pattern, called Le village d'Anne and its from Tournicoton.

  5. Geweldig je quilt, prachtig de jasmijn en de lieve Bowy,wat zal hij het warm hebben, maar hij ligt er wel lekker relaxed bij
    Er xx

  6. What a wonderful quilt! I just love it so much.

  7. Your quilt is beautiful and your stitching quality is wonderful. Been watching your progress on the quilt. Love the red.
    Your jasmine is pretty. I have many jasmine bushes and 1 climbing vine ( I live in Florida)and always delight in the fragrance.

  8. Just beautiful, Carin! I've been watching your progress post by post and you've done such a good job!

  9. Carin thank you for the pattern names. I have e-mailed Little House Needleworks to see if I can obtain the houses.

    Linda in IN

  10. Carin, a good idea to do a weblog in English. I wil try it also, but my English is not always correct.
    greetings Anita

  11. Your quilt is gorgeous! I love the colours.

  12. This is a beautiful quilt - wonderful elements all throughout the quilt.

  13. I love your quilt and am thinking of doing one myself.
    Thanks for the inspiration.


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