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vrijdag 16 juli 2010

Hot summer days and a basket

We have had some realy bad weather overhere and there is alot of damage in the Netherlands. It looks that we had a little tornado over the land. The only good thing about is that the temperature is lower, because it was to hot the last 3 weeks. But I have hear that the temperature is rising again over the weekend.

Even Bowy doesn't like the warm days. He constantly sleeps ...

and sleeps ...

and when he wants to cool down he goes into the .............. swimmingpool

He was with my husband visiting friends of us and they have a large swimmingpool in there backyard. Bowy liked that very much :-)


On tuesday (july 20) my husband must go to hospital for a arthroscopie, this time on his left knee. In 2007 he had one on his right knee. He has osteoarthritis in his knees. So he will be home for a couple of weeks after the surgery. I don't want him to get bored in this time so I bought him the Nintendo DSi XL

I'm still busy with quilting the potpourri quilt, but in between I made one little basket block. I have now a total of 4.

6 opmerkingen:

Nina zei

Hoe funny your dog is :)) I agree with him, I also want a swimming pool :))

Your quilt is amazing fantastic and a great work :)

Erna zei

Ohh die Bowy wat heerlijk in het water.Heel veel sterkte met je man Carin....

Ineke zei

Leuke foto's van Bowy!
Je mandje is mooi geworden. Hoe groot is het blok en hoeveel ga je maken voor de quilt?
Veel sterkte met je man.

Ineke zei

Oeps! Het antwoord staat in een eerder bericht.

Lesleyanne zei

Lucky dog to have a dip in the pool. Hope your husband's operation goes well. Lovely quilt.

Meadows08 zei

Bowy looks so cute in the pool! I hope your husband isn't too bored. I'm sure his DSi will keep him busy.