vrijdag 19 maart 2010

Snowy pines

Yesterday I finished my 4th ornament of LHN called Snowy pines
Unfortualy the photo is not so good as I thought it would be

I choose a white fabric with silver holly on it, so now it looks very snowy

In the snowflake and in the snow there are some silver glassbeads

I got a sunshine award from Cathryn

Now I have to pass it on and that is something I always find very diffecult
because there are so many blogs I always love to read.
So I don't write any names down but I share it by anyone who reads my blog.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Hallo Carin,

    Ik kwam toevallig langs je blogje terecht bij het surfen op het internet. Wat een mooie dingen maak je. Zelf ben ik heel graag creatief bezig en vooral met kruisjessteek. Ik vind het dan ook een plezier om de werkjes van anderen te mogen bewonderen.

    Ik kom zeker en vast nog eens terug kijken.

    Groetjes vanuit België,

  2. Finish! And now it´s springtime!
    Very nice winter picture.

  3. Very nice finish. I like the addition of those beads - gives it just the right amount of sparkle!!

  4. I love your ornament! It is so pretty and perfectly finished!

  5. That is just gorgeous and I love the witches hollow one too !!
    Have a great weekend
    groetjes ; )

  6. Cute finish!
    I want to start Witches Hollow, your looks great.
    You have some beautiful finishes.
    I will be back, that's for sure

  7. Snowy Pines is really pretty.

    Congrats on the award.


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