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dinsdag 3 augustus 2010

2. Tulips from Amsterdam

Yesterday it was time for the second SBS block. After washing and cutting the fabric I could begin.

"That looks like a beautiful flower", Brumelda said after seeing all the little pieces.
"Thats correct Brumelda because this is block G-9 and its called Modern Tulip".

Today I could begin with sewing the pieces together. Brumelda handed me the little pieces and I did hear how she was singing a Dutch song, called Tulips from Amsterdam. So she did remember the name of the block.

I was so busy with piecing the blocks that I didn't notice that she was gone.
"Brumelda where are you?"

"I'm here, just wait a second", sounded it from the garden, so I waited.  After awhile she came in and sat on my cuttingmat with a blue hydrangea in her arms.
"I couldn't find a blue tulip, but I did find this beautiful blue flower. Its a special gift for you Carin", she said.
"Well thank you Brumelda for that lovely flower and I have finished my block, so come on and sit beside it with the beautiful flower".


Last saterday a friend of mine had her birthday and I made her this patchwork cushion with a stitcherie

The stitcherie is a freebie from Homeberries

6 opmerkingen:

Cyndi loves to stitch zei

Good thing Brumelda was handing you pieces in the correct order, the pieces looked a bit tedious on the the board. But in the end, it turned into a beautiful block. You're so lucky to have a friend like Brumelda.

Ineke zei

Your tulip block is beautiful. Are you going to make one block every day?
Your friend will love the cute cushion.

Elaine zei

Your tulip block is beautiful and what a lovely pillow for your friend. Your little helper is doing a great job.

Erna zei

The bloch and the stitchery are both wonderful...
Hugs for you and Brumelda

Diane zei

What a lot of pieces in that block! It's lovely.

RETRO-fabulous zei

incredible tulip pattern, Carin!