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woensdag 4 augustus 2010

3.The crown ...

Today I was going to make my 3th block of the SBS but I couldn't find my second fabric that I needed.

"Brumelda why are you not looking ? I must have it otherwise I can't start with the block" But Brumelda stayed on her place on the cuttingmat with a funny smile on her face.

"Say Brumelda, what's that behind your back ? Ohhh ... thats my second fabric I need. Why do you hide it ? ".

"Because it is a very naughty piece of fabric"
"A very naughty fabric ?".
"Yes because you said that there where going naughty fabirc in this quilt and you mean by naughty fabric ... a fabric that has besides blue also another color in it. This one have totaly NO blue in it, so its a VERY naughty fabric", isn't ?". 

"Ohh you sweet little witch, you did payed attention when I told you that. But just give it to me so I can start with my block. Here and there shall be a creme kind of fabric coming in the quilt, so the blue and white gets a bit of warmth instead of a cool look".
"Okay but if its not looking good when the quilt is done, then we cut that piece out hihihi. But what is the name of the block you are going to make ?".

"Its called E-9 Queen Charlotte's Crown and now I'm realy get started".

When I was half way down with the block I hear cutting from a scissor and I look up. "Brumelda what are you doing with the paper, scissor and glue ?'.
"Just wait a second, I'm almost done. You finish your block".

I pick up my needle and start sewing again.

"Okay Brumelda, I'm done.Do you want to sit by the new block on the photo?".
"Yes I will and how do you find MY crown? ".
"Thats a very beautiful crown you made Queen Brumelda".

2 opmerkingen:

Diane zei

So cute!

Anita deR zei

Ha Carin, what a nice idea to cut al pieces. I"m happy its alright with your health.