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vrijdag 24 december 2010

Gingerbread girl and hospital news ...

Yesterday I went to the hospital and my little operation went well. The doctor saw that there was one little spot with bad cells and he complety removed it  !! He thinks that the source of these bad cells is the womb he removed last year.
All the other cutting edges where clean, just this one tiny spot not, but now it is. Hopefully it stays clean and no bad cells will return. It was good news for us !!!
On january 11 I must be back for a checkup again and then he will make another appointment for again a new test in about a month or 3 to see if the area is still free of bad cells.


In the mean time I made another gingerbread pillow. The pattern is from Helga Mandl and its called Gingerbread Girl. I also have the Gingerbread Boy but I will stitch that after christmas and will finish that the same way as I did with the girl.

I sew a white fluffy yarn on the fabric and attached some red beads.

Some time ago I joined a pincushion swap that Thearica was organizing. I made a pincushion with a pattern from Mary Garry's Sewing Cabin called She Sew.

Yesterday the pincushion arrived what Marie Jones had made for me and I love it. Its Oliver the Owl, isn't he great? Thearica also include a wooden doll that you can hang, so I hang it in the christmas tree. Thanks Thearica for the pincushion swap !!

And then the SNOW .... ALOT OF SNOW !!
We have so many snow here in the netherlands, I can't remeber the time when we had so much. And I LOVE IT !! It looks like winter wonderland.

My friends ..., I wish you all a Merry Christmas !!

And some more pictures from our garden.


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19 opmerkingen:

Ineke zei

That is very good news, Carin. I will keep my fingers crossed for January 11.
The pincushions are beautiful. And you have got much more snow than we have.

blueladie zei

Merry Christmas Carin! God Bless you and Michiel. :) Cathryn

natalyK zei

So glad to hear that your procedure went well and you received Can't wait to see her mate.

Happy Holidays to you and your family.

Deborah zei

I am glad that you received good news. Cute little pillow. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Lesleyanne zei

Good news. Lovely stitching

Yvon (jioya) zei

Dat ziet er allemaal prachtig uit, fijn dat alles goed is gegaan in het ziekenhuis.

Hele fijne dagen.

Groetjes Yvon.

Erna zei

Lieve Carin, wat een supergoed bericht en ik blijf voor je duimen.
Je kussentjes en uil zijn fantastisch.
Ik denk dat jullie veel meer sneeuw hebben dan wij hier in het noorden, wel mooi maar volgens mij erg ongemakkelijk :)
Hele fijne Kerstdagen, geniet van elkaar en de sneeuw

Villa-loredana zei

I believed that the Merry Christmas will bring to you a good news. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Loredana. Croazia.

Jane zei

I'm so happy for you Carin, what wonderful news and I'm sure the best christmas present ever.
Love your gingerbread girl and the pretty trim ~ almost good enough to eat!
Merry Christmas and may the good news continue in 2011

Sari zei

How happy news! Your pincushions are very nice. Have a nice Christmas time!

Pumpkin zei

Glad everything went well!

Lovely finish! You do nice work Carin :o)

Look at the snow! We don't have any so therefore it was a green Christmas this year.

Thank you for visiting my Blog :o)

Anne Ida zei

Happy to hear your surgery went well! Hope you are all having a very merry Christmas, and get to relax and enjoy the season!

Hugs from Anne Ida

Marnie zei

Carin, thank you for dropping in over at my blog and your sweet comment. The blue bird is a Blue Jay. They are even more spectacular in the Spring (and in real life). Now that Christmas is past, I'm ready for Spring!! Glad your procedure went so well. I'll be praying that the bad cells never come back for you.



Anoniem zei

So pleased to hear your good news, Carin. Enjoy the snow! We've had snow for a month now and I'm still enjoying it.

Colleen zei

Happy Dance for you on your good news. Sigh of relief to come on Jan.11. Love your little girl Gingerbread pillow. It seems to be snowing all around the world today. Love your winter garden pictures. Seems so calm & peaceful.

Cheryl zei

That is good news, happy for you!
Love your stitching and finishing

Barb zei

So pleased to hear you had good news Carin. Loved the gingerbread girl and look forward to seeing her partner.
The snow is so pretty isnt it,but it really caused some disruption here in the uk.
Happy New Year to you and yours and I am looking forward to seeing all that lovely stitching.

Heirlooms by Ashton House zei

It was so nice to see the Oliver the Owl your friend made! He looks so festive in those colors. I am the pattern designer of Oliver and always enjoy seeing people actually make the things that I design.

Thearica zei

We have been away for the holidays and arent home yet but are in a hotel...I was so relieved to see you finally received your pincushions. Hope your holidays were awesome!