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dinsdag 7 september 2010

12, 13, 14 and 15. Being busy ...

"I'm glad you finished the pincushions Carin. Now we can go on with the SBS blocks. Which block are we going to make?".

"This time it is I-3 Dutchman's Puzzle".

"Ohh great, I love to puzzle. Do you have a jigsaw puzzle Carin?".

"No Brumelda I don't. When the kids were younger I had some, but now I haven't any. I do have another sort of puzzle you can do.... a Sudoku".

"A what ? Sukusoduko? What's that? Let me see".

While Burmelda is looking at the Sudoka puzzle, I'm busy with the last pieces of my block. But I think Brumelda doesn't how to make that puzzle, because suddently I hear her stumble with my color pencils.

"Brumelda, are you coming? I have finish the block".

"Here I am Carin and I have made my own Dutchman's Puzzle".

"We did finish the BOW block in time Carin, that was a close call".

"Yes we did Brumelda. I don't know what the BOW block will be this week, so we are going to make another one; K-1 Road to Oklahoma".

"Must I help with that block Carin, because if  I don't, I will start the engine in the meantime".

 Before I can answer, I hear the engine of a car and see that Brumelda is riding in the garden with her car.

I think I don't get any help from her so I continue with my block. I hear her laughing when the birds flying away when she is coming with her car.

"By careful Brumelda, that you do not disturb the birds".

"Yesss I will ..., I'm almost in Oklahoma hihihi. If you finish your block I will be right there with you".

She didn't see that I have finish the block already and when I'm busy with putting the block down for taking a picture, she is there with her car.

"Okay Brumelda, just park the car here with the block and I will make the photo".

I just read about the new BOW block for this week and I see it is N-10 Diamond Friendship. Lynda have picked this block to thank Debbie who has stopped with picking the BOW blocks. She has done it for 2 years and now Lynda is going to do that.

"Friendship is such a nice thing Carin. May I invite my friend today?".

"Yes Brumelda, you may invite your friend Pumpcat".

When Pumpcat arrive they are going to play and I don't hear them anymore. I'm working on the diamond friendship and its going good, its a easy block.

"Carinnnn ... can you make a picture of Pumpcat and me please?".

"This is going to be a nice picture for in your photoalbum Brumelda".

"Now you can play together and I will finish the block. I will call you both when it is time for the photo".
Still 2 triangles to sew .....

"Brumelda ... Pumpcat ... are you coming?".

They are going to sit by the block and Brumelda is holding the beautiful roses she has recieved from Pumpcat, her friend. 
"Friendship is the most beautiful thing".
"Yes it is Brumelda".

When Pumpcat is going home I ask Brumelda if she want to make another block.

"Okay and which one is it going to be?"

"It is another easy block; F-3 Bow Tie".

"Well ... if it's a easy block I don't have to help you? Because then I'm going to make a bow tie for me. Where is the box with all the ribbons Carin?".

"Here is the box Brumelda, which color do you choose?".

"There are so many beautiful colors, which one will I pick. Maybe blue ... yellow .... or orange? Ohhh I see a color I want. I'm going to make a red one".

While I'm busy with my block, Brumelda is busy making her bow tie and we are ready at the same time.

"You have made a beautiful red bow tie Brumelda".

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