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vrijdag 9 juli 2010


I'm busy with quilting on my potpourri

It's very hot here in the Netherlands and I stay all the time inside the house.Outside it is just to warm, so I have alot of time to quilt the potpourri

Last night I made a photo of the papaver in the garden, thats why the background is black

Yesterday the postman brought EQ7 which I had orderd in may. It is just been released and I love that program. You can easely design your own quilts. I had EQ5 but now I wanted the newest version

5 opmerkingen:

bianca zei

Very beautiful, nice colours.

Anoniem zei

That quilt looks fantastic !!!!
I love the poppy.It has such a lovely colour.
Have a great weekend.

Scattered Threads zei

Hello Carin,
It has been sometime since I have visited with you. I see you have been quite busy (smile); which can sometimes be a good thing. I love your potpouri quilt you are working on. It is absolutely very darling.
I've been bloggig just a bit recently and trying to clean up email and playing catch up there.
I look forward to seeing the progression on your quilt.
Take care.

Erna zei

Je quilt wordt super Carin, echt prachtig

Meadows08 zei

Your quilt looks wonderful! I bet you'll have lots of fun with EQ7, I'm looking forward to seeing what you make.

It's too bad about the football game. My son and husband were so disappointed. They had their orange jerseys on and my son had his face painted with the orange, white and blue paint our cousin sent us. They tried hard!