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zondag 3 januari 2010

Januari calendar is hanging

Since today the calendar is hanging. The only thing I must do is write down the names of the ones who have there birthday this month.

I have printed out a calendar which I glue to the green cardboard and the stitching part I have made into a pinkeep.
Last night we had some snow again and this morning the world was white again
On the callicarpa there are still a few purple berries
I love snow !!!
On our small pond there is a thick layer of ice

18 opmerkingen:

Nina zei

Oh, what a great and brilliant idea, Carin! This calendar is super!!

bianca zei

Was für schöne Winterbilder.Deine Stickerei ist auch sehr schön geworden. Ich mag den Winter auch sehr gerne.

stitchenmylifeaway zei

Too cute!! What a clever idea. When you were describing your plan I thought I understood what you were going to do but this is way better than what I was thinking of.

Loved all the pictures

Debra zei

Your pinkeep is very nice. Love the snow and berry picture. Stay warm

Anne zei

Oh it looks so cute!! It's a great idea

Carin zei

I love that idea, Carin! Great finishing job.
The snow here is gone, but it's still very cold! But the road is now terrible slippery. Be careful and stay warm.

Anoniem zei

Oh so pretty. Both the snow and your fabulous calendar. What a clever idea.

BeckySC zei

Thank you so much for your email-how sweet of you :)

I LOVE how you finished this piece!! VERY nice work :)

Have a great week :)

Meadows08 zei

I love how you are turning the pieces into an actual calendar! I'm looking forward to starting these.

Anoniem zei

What a clever idea! What pattern is that? Do they have them for each month of the year?

Scattered Threads zei

A neatidea Carin,and I liked all your snow pics.

Carin zei

Beth the patterns are from Little House Needleworks and there is a pattern for each month coming out. On there website under threadpacks you can find them.

Siobhan zei

What a clever idea, Carin! I love the calendar. Happy new year!

Michelle zei

Your calendar is beautiful - what a wonderful idea! Thanks for the great snow pics - I wish I could be there!

Happy New Year to you and your family!

stitcherw zei

I love it, what a great finish. This series is so cute, I'll enjoy watching you do the others as they are released.

Rowan zei

I love your calendar, what a brilliant idea to use the monthly blocks this way.

Lee zei

What a wonderful idea for those LHN monthlies! I'll bet that LHN would like to know about this...

Carin zei

Lee: LHN knows :) I'm a member of there yahoogroup